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Thanks for sharing, Resolved my issue after turning off NordVPN web protection

Thank you for posting. This fixed the issue in edge browser.

Hi everyone,
I’ve experienced the same issue and disabling NordVPN webprotection actually fixed the issue.

ALTHOUGH if you want to keep NordVPN webprotection while browsing without blocking ChatGPT, you can simply add ChatGPT as exception in the NordVPN Webprotection settings.

This worked for me.

Hope this would help. :slight_smile:

Yep NORD Web Protection was the cause for me

Tenía el mismo problema y la solución que yo encontré fue la siguiente:

  1. Restablecer por defecto la configuración del navegador “Brave”, “Opera”, chrome, o el que tu utilizas.
  2. permitir la página de “chat openai com” cookies, scripts, etc. En resumen poner en lista blanca a esta página en la configuración del navegador.
  3. IMPORTANTE poner en lista blanca la página “chat openai com” en tu antivirus.
  4. Verificar que no estés navegando a través de una VPN.

Y con eso me funcionó


“Guys, if you have NordVPN just disable the WebProtection in Threat Protection.”

Many thanks dude!! helps a lot!!

I am like why should I turn off NordVPN unless they want to spy on me using another browser on someone’s else computer hahahahahaa Turn off Web Protection in NordVPN, that is like telling children Santa isn’t real and ruining Christmas

I logged out of Nord VPN and the issue disappeared.