Credit and debit cards declined

same here :smiling_face_with_tear: tried all cards debit, credit,

+1 India

Ordered a new international credit card to eliminate any possibilities. Alas!

this is same for me. I tried 7 different credit cards also daily mail to nothing happened. Please look into this.


yes… not any credit card is accepting. everything is declining. I tried 7 different cards. No reply got from Open AI.

Same here. UK-based, registered and operational company for over 7 years but can’t use my Wise bank debit card and unfortunately it is the only bank we use.

Already sent an email to support but no response.


Yes same here in India, tried 5 cards. Spoke to multiple banks.
We wanna give you our $ openai, but we cant.
Please help.

Although the card added for the APIs work just fine.

India-issues CCs. All getting declined. The problem is not with my CCs, not with Stripe (payments go through Stripe for other merchants)… Is OpenAI team aware of this and working to solve this problem?

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Hello everyone!

Tried to add multiple cards for a paid plan and all got declined.
Remembered I had a similar issue with something else in the past and tried a different browser. It worked magnificently.

What I assume is happening is that OpenAI is doing a check to see if the country that issued the card is the same with your IP address. If it’s not, it gets declined. I was not using a VPN, but I was using Safari which hides my location. When I switched to Edge it worked.

If there’s anyone else encountering this issue, try turning off your VPN or using a browser that does not hide your IP address.

Hope this helps!


@sarah.salah.rizk Located in Egypt too, CCs and Virtual CCs are not working, any luck?

Used Chrome, used Edge, no problem with IP - still Indian CCs are not working.

Looking at the billing restrictions, as of today, for Egypt; they only allow Business accounts and require a KYC (search this thread for a link explaining KYC)

As of today, the billing restrictions for India are “Block All”

Not sure how this works or if it’s of any use to anybody however…

I’m uk based and had been using a Barclays Bank account no problem, I tried switching to my Wise Business account and was told my Card details were incorrect (they were not).

I then used my iPhone to set up payment, and selected the Apple Pay option, then chose my Wise account (interestingly it had a different card number from the app, not sure what’s going on there). Anyway, it works now. Card details saved and set as Default pay method.

Having said the above my monthly sub isn’t due for another few days, so there is chancebit May be rejected.

Hope that helps

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Disable your VPN… fixed it for me.


I tried the suggestions given in this thread… Nothing works… Will try Apple Pay and update. Is anyone from the #OpenAI team listening?

Nope, just tried it again today too, still not working for me. Have already tried 5 different credit cards from 5 different banks, all rejected.

Regarding this issues I found only one video on YouTube

You guys all from OpenAI supported countries… and my country Uzbekistan is even not listed in the list of chatgpt supported countries… it means i can keep quiet about card declining problem… everyone is interested in development using their api all over the world… making such hard rules and ignoring smaller countries like ours is not that good thing)

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I have the same issue, I am in India and none of my cards work.

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