Credit and debit cards declined

Hi all,

I’ve tried so many times with different credit and debit cards issued by different banks, and none was accepted. I’m not in the US but I really want to upgrade. Any advice please :frowning: Thank you.


You should contact OpenAI support directly at because this community is a developer community for OpenAI API developers to develop code and applications and it’s not the OpenAI customer support site.

Contact OpenAI here for support:



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Got it. Thanks a lot Ruby.


Are you able to say which country you are in / your payment card is registered to?

Some countries are straight up blocked from having any paid account, some require you register a business account and some require additional “Know your customer” (KYC) checks.

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Thanks mc for your info ^^ Really appreciate it.
Anyway, I’ve tried several credits and debits cards (issued in Vietnam) and another debit card issued in Taiwan. I’ve followed Ruby’s advice and emailed Openai. Hopefully they will sort this out for me.


No worries. Hopefully support will sort it for you.

Looking at the billing restrictions:

  • Vietnam has a “block new” restriction.

  • Taiwan does not have any restrictions that I can see; however China has a “block all” restriction.

Not wanting to stray into Geopolitics here, but I wonder if OpenAI classes Taiwan as China?

If you can please post an update on how you get on with support?

Have you passed it? I also got this issue when setting up the payment method from Vietnam.

I face the same issue, no credit card is accepted, my billing adresse is in UK (company) my actual IP is in Morocco, is there any solution? support not responding !

Yes, I am from the UK and my Wise Card (both virtual and physical) has been declined. My Lloyds Bank debit card worked though. Seems that they are very tight on which cards to accept, may be due to AI export restrictions.

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Passed this along to the team. Stay tuned and I will update here if there’s anything we can do!


Amazingly bad CC issues on OpenAI - using a European credit card with a registered European company with a Wise card which is accepted all over the world… except on OpenAI!

I wrote to support a couple of weeks ago and NO ANSWER.

We are a business trying to use OpenAI so how can we actually get someone to answer our queries?!


Logan any updates here? I am in the US (Arizona) and all my cards are declined as well. Nothing I try works (browsers, incognito, cache, different internet connections, different cards, etc etc).

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I finally got this to work for me. For me, it was that the IP address i was connected to the internet with was far away (a state over) from the zip code on the billing address for the CC. So I think having your IP close to the zip on the CC matters

Same as @jacob5 i had to VPN myself to the country of my credit card, which is Belgium, and I’m in France and my company is Estonia, doesn’t make sense …

Same here, tried cards issued in the Netherlands and Singapore but none works!

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Same with me I am from India I am not using any VPN I still have the same error. Any one from India facing the same error?

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Yes. None of the cards work here (India). This has wasted so much of my time. OpenAI, please address this at the earliest. Thank you.

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Same here. I’m from India, all my credit cards are not accepted. So weird.

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@mizohican have you resolved it? I am also from India and facing the same issue.

same issue here, from Egypt. any workaround we can do?