Credit and debit cards declined

I had the same problem.
I guess the CC bank’s country and your IP’s country must be the same.
Anyone can confirm?

Genius answer!
After I disable my VPN, everything works fine!

No vpn, Dutch creditcard and Apple Pay declined. … tried a vpn but also no succes.

support team replied saying issue was fixed in India. I tried and it worked:)

Still not working from Saudi Arabia i tried sevral cards.

Saudi Arabia is not even supported, i don’t think they’ll accept our credit cards until they actually support it.

Didn’t work in Safari. Works in Chrome.

I tried in Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari. Both with VPN and without VPN. Doesn’t work with anything in India, for me.

Why doesn’t OpenAI tie up with another good quality payment gateway, instead of this buggy Stripe one? Super frustrating!

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After trying many different cards, finally was able to subscribe using an ICICI Amazon Visa credit card! So I finally got access to ChatGPT Plus! :slight_smile:

Sbi debit card on Firefox and Chrome did not go through…

I spent a couple of hours trying to upgrade to ChatGPT Plus and miserably failed.
I was unable to pay for it using four credit cards from two different banks.
All my cards are rejected.
I have tried different computers and different web browsers.
Payment with Apple Pay did not work as well and no reason is provided why the payment failed. I am just returned back to the screen where I select the payment method.
At the same time, I had no problem setting up a paid plan for the OpenAI API using one of my credit cards.
I believe the subscription system for ChatGPT Plus has some flaws or more users are not welcome.

Same issue, got “Your card number is incorrect.” email despite not changing the card which was successfully used in the past to pay for OpenAI. I’m living in Croatia, and the company is in the UK. When I tried to add other cards to the account (both personal and corporate), got the same error.

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Same here - Multiple cards “Incorrect number”…

How did you select Apple Pay on first place? I have my Wise in the ApplePay but I only get the option to enter card details. Am I missing something?
Thanks in advance, mate.

Has anyone tried purchasing pre-paid cards from sites like or and purchasing ChatGPT Plus with those? I’m tempted to try but don’t want to waste money on a card I cant use to buy what I want.

Hope these help






Obviously this is done on my iPhone, not desktop, I also live in the UK

I’ll take a guess and say you are either using safari with IP address obfuscation turned on, or a VPN. If you use chrome from an IP address which is geolocatable to the same general area (country / state) as your credit card, it should work fine (I just did this, no luck on safari, but logged in on chrome and it worked perfectly)


I am from Angola, Africa and have tried several forms of payment such as credit cards, debit cards, and Wise cards to pay for ChatGPT Plus, but none of them have worked. Although the payment process allows me to proceed, I am unable to complete the payment. I suggest that OpenAI find a solution to this issue, such as using PayPal instead of Stripe which I have found to be buggy.

I kindly request OpenAI’s support team to assist me in finding a suitable payment method for my location.

I’m having the same problem in Australia & have tried everything suggested here.

Very annoying to be trying to give a company money and not being able to find a way to do it. LOL