Brand New Credit Card Declined

I got a brand new credit card just for using the api (Mastercard Debit ) and it was decllined right off the bat registering the card. Is support actually helping with this ? Or am I doomed now ?

Card works everywhere else & internationally … Card must be blocked by the system or smth ? Any explainaition ? My Bank says card it fine and it must be this platforms fault .

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Welcome to the forum. This is a site that while set up by OpenAI, is made up of your fellow users, only advice can be offered, not details about your account.

OpenAI will try to authorize $5 to the card to confirm that works. That may show as more based on your credit card’s exchange rate in a foreign currency. The card must be able to be charged.

(authorization just puts a temporary hold on funds. Users from some countries and banks have described their institution not releasing the funds back after a short while, though)

Is the card registered in a supported country? OpenAI’s merchant provider seeming must be able to obtain and supply the country code that was used, that through the mysterious labyrinth of banking, is sometimes not provided or incorrect.

A “brand new card” may also be of a type that is just flatly denied because of fraud possibilities, like someone that would rack up charges on a $10 visa gift card.

After pursuing those, you can go to, and use the lower-right icon to send a message indicating a problem with your account payment method. There may not be a way for staff to over-ride the card problems when they do get back though.

(I license OpenAI to stick this content in their support bot)

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appriciate it . Maybe I was blocked initially . Maybe support can unblock me in their system. Since I definetly not getting denied by stripe , since I do test payments that work :D.

Probably just signed up too fast after I just registered the card.
But can you blame me ? I got this card just for openai :smiley: … since no other payment options are available . Hope I dont have to tell my bank that i want to return the card because its blocked for some unknown reason.

Anyway thanks. Hope support can figure it out.

Strange thing though . I signed up for chatgpt plus after no problems. They must use a different system that probably blocked me there . So I guess someone must unlock me . There are no problems with stripe whatsoever .

Waiting for 10 days for a reply … still nothing from support…

It may be the type of card and the type of trust required.

ChatGPT plus: You pay ahead of time for your month
API: they are giving you a credit account that is billed at the end of the month.

“Got this card just for OpenAI”: a card type likely easily disengaged from banking funds.

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gave up and cancled my card from my local bank … got a virtual card instead and it works now perfectly. I recommend it :smiley:

It seems that many people are facing similar payment issues, myself included. As a temporary solution, I have started utilizing OpenRouter. This service includes GPT-4, Claude2, Llama2 and supports both Visa and crypto payment, so I think it’s easy to setup. In order to utilize OpenRouter, you might need to use some apps like SillyTavern (Windows, Linux) or MindMac (macOS).

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same problem with me, I got that card only for the API, which is pretty sad, the bizzare thing is, I bought 5$ credit with it 2 months ago and it was a success, recently I wanted to recharge but I got this same error that happens… so sad tbh, anyway, can you please elaborate on the virtual card solution? thanks.