Conversation not found Error

Literally it’s almost like loosing the internet or electricity


Good luck getting any useful answers not full of BS

could be worse, i mean it’s a lot better at math so i guess that’s a plus

Yea ChatGPT isn’t working for me and it says this

i think we all gotta play the waiting game. stuff like this usually gets fixed after some time.

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guys it works for me now, try refreshing and see!

I’ll politely join this nice topic, since I’m facing the same unfortunate issue. Let’s all hope that the OpenAI team is fixing it as we speak.

Says this now

oh really? ill go check it out and see if it works or not.
update: working for me!

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said that for me too, but if you just simply go on “” it shoudl all be fine!


yea i think it works now, but still not completely certain

In my case I suspect access rights - played around with BARD/STAN/Jailbreak prompts and probably set off some built in safety features.

I believe that my account is under review/cool down period - only time will tell haha.

Can still make new chats and prompts but I can not go back and give new prompts to old chats or delete old chats.

As of a few minutes ago, it works for me now.

It’s fixed!

Never mind, it’s fixed now :smiley:

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Yep it works properly now (Did they manage to fix it so quick or are they still fixing it)

Folks, make sure you use “Data Download” to save your stuff. I thought everything was lost but now all seems okay. But maybe next time…

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