Conversation not found Error

This conversation seems to be a discussion among multiple people who are experiencing the same error message while using a chat program. They are all describing the problem as “conversation not found” and noting that the error occurs after a few messages, even if they start a new chat. Some of the participants in the conversation mention that they are Plus subscribers, and some have tried logging out and logging back in or changing browsers to no avail. One person suggests that the problem may be due to a system crash, while another suggests trying the “clear conversations” feature. Some participants make jokes or sarcastic comments about the situation, while others express frustration with the error and hope for a fix.

literally was about to google how to delete a single conversation as I was sure the delete buttons were there

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Is it because I made it admit that Kamala Harris :camel: was the worst VP in history?

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LOL what a flex just rubbing it in our faces

On the bright side, this is my first conversation with real human beings in the past few weeks.


Same here, idk why it doesn’t show any outage.

I mean the original plan was to replace Biden after 2 Year with Her , but she was so awful that now we are stuck with a '“confused president”

But, I don’t want that :unamused: I am happy with my AI :robot:

I am getting Conversation not found, and it’s been about an hour now.

The two fools in office right now are a lot better than the orange criminal menace that is crying in court right now.

There nothing else on the internet so it might be a completely new bug

I’m sure they’re rolling something new and messed up the release. let’s give it a few hours

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Same problem here after playing around with GPT 4. In the middle of my best documentation creation ever T.T

Did I mention Trump? I just said she was the worst VP.

Getting the same error here. Already prompt-tuned a lot in the current chat. It would hurt so bad to lose it :frowning:


Tried refreshing, logging off and back on, etc - hope to see you soon chat!

Dude, looks like the end of the world here. Conversation not found.

welp, guess i’m gonna switch to google’s Bard AI now

Hey Guys it’s working for me now, give it a try

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I just woke up to an error message on everything I try, too. Is this a global thing, or limited to an area of the world? Am a GPT4 subscriber as well. sigh. Please fix soon; I put a lot of work into many of these threads.