Message in conversation not found in custom GPT

When I start asking my custom GPT to provide more in-depth answers I tend to get this answer: “Message in conversation not found” and then the GPT stops responding. Anyone knows if this can be fixed? TIA


That sounds like a ChatGPT internal database problem with the conversation history.

It could be aggravated by the use of a GPT, as many have reported oddness and flakiness with the system. Perhaps a GPT that can’t have its conversation turns with retrieval and multiple iterations recorded in the existing ChatGPT conversation system chain if too long.

I, for example, have one ChatGPT chat that can’t be loaded or deleted, and is probably blocking the data export also. It would probably need all the chats cleared including back to April to fix. And fun to run early chats again and see how today’s model tries to do the same inputs.

I have the same problem today.
More to it, I noticed, that if I refresh the page, then one or two messages from Chat I received previously disappear.
It seems to be a bug.

UPD: and to be more specific, it loses all messages till the certain one, it seems like after reaching the limit, no more messages can be stored…

To address this problem, I start a new chat with the same custom GPT version.

I got the same problem, does somebody know how to fix it?

Continually getting this issue in multiple browsers.

FOUND A WORKAROUND - For whatever reason, if you refresh the page after every response from the GPT it will allow you to continue asking questions without the ‘Message in conversation not found’ popping up. I posted this in another thread as well. Hope it keeps working until they fix the root cause.

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Your comment made me test refreshing after a single response to see if it was keeping the message in context. It did, so I asked another question, then refreshed the page. Whole conversation still there. Turns out, if you refresh after every response from chatGPT, it’s able to hold onto the whole thread without throwing the ‘Message in conversation not found’ error.

not me. If i tell it something and refesh, the thing i asked will be there but its response wont, just says theres an error

This worked! Thank you very much, sir! :slight_smile:

Hi, same problem, like every 2 minutes, it start to be really anowing… Looks like some youtubers are saying that GPT4, is facing internal massive error problems.

Whats the point to developp GPT5, 6… is cant stabelize this one…

We pay for it men ? How come its performances are reducing days after days…

Are you saying need to refresh the screen, after EACH answer from GPT ? jeeesus.

This happened to me as well, but refreshing did not work. As an added detail, my failed message included a PDF that took a while to digest, some attempts failing. After it did complete, a refresh would wipe out the response. FYI