Conversation not found Error

wtf is wrong with this i wasnt getting this when i was subscribed but now that im not anymore its just people are not subbed? are they throttling people who are not subscribed?

I am also facing the same error, it’s on every conversation. I am a plus subscriber and it is also not a capacity error.

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This thread is a discussion involving multiple users experiencing a recurring error message called “conversation not found” while using a chat program. The error happens even in new chats and is commonly seen after sending a few messages. The problem started around the same time for everyone involved, as gnowem0910, guiadigital, tatting.fawns, mevatsal, mmdom46, and MinxRed recounted.

Various solutions were attempted, such as logging in and out, changing browsers, and starting new chats, but the problem prevails. mmdom46 and cerisebadwolfhood noted that new chats initially work fine before eventually giving the same error. Plus subscribers, like mevatsal and MinxRed, were also affected, indicating that it’s not only free users facing these issues.

The users pondered the nature of the error, with cerisebadwolfhood suggesting a system crash and reoxthen noting also the disappearance of the delete buttons next to each chat. Some participants tried to keep a lighter tone despite the error, as reoxthen made a joke about finally interacting with real humans, and mmdom46 saying the problem is not that difficult - merely a stationary equilibrium.

The problem continues as shown by daniel9 who posted a relevant screenshot, and the users are impatiently hoping for a solution. joaoricardotg summarized the recurring problem, user’s frustrations and attempts at humor to lighten the situation.

Summarized with AI on Nov 30 2023
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