Chatgpt plugins cannot be installed or uninstalled

chatgpt plugins cannot be installed or uninstalled


Same here “No plugins enabled” when should have - ChatGPT - OpenAI Developer Forum


I have the same problem. I removed all extensions but no result.

Same problem here.
It happens this morning. Can’t do anything.

The same to you . It is working good yesterday

Cannot install any plugins. Similar error messages on the top. It worked 2 hours ago.

The OpenAI Status reports “All Systems Operational”.

So, their reporting tools failed too, I guess.

If I were an OpenAI operational staff member, I would monitor this forum. We are basically an army of free testers and reporters.

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Plugins are completely broken in ChatGPT!


I have the same problem, cannot install or uninstall. Also, I could not use Plugins(Beta) to chat with GPT4.

Even I have the same problem :frowning:

When will the Plugin Start Working Again?