"No plugins enabled" when should have

I noticed that the plugins section appears as “No plugins enabled” and I’m getting an error when trying to install any plugin, or even uninstalling those that should be installed.
Does anyone know what’s going on here?


The same problem,“Unauthorized - Invalid access token”

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Please help. This happens suddenly. It was fine yesterday. I was using it fine - then no plugin can be enabled, installed or uninstalled. I am Chatgtp-4 user.

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Same here, refreshing cookies didn’t work.

I am windows OS, chrome browser. All latest updates, it only seems to apply to new chats. Prior chats with plugins active are still working (but slowing down due to how long they are at this point).

Ya’ll didnt happen to also like a spicy meme recently, did you?

Exactly, the old ones with plugins still work. So, for now we can edit the first prompt and continue using it in the same conversations.

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Same problem here. I hope ChatGPT team can fix it quickly.

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Even I am Having The Same Problem :frowning:

When are they going to solve this problem?

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I have a similar problem. It happens when I install a plugin from a device (in my case a tablet with the ChatGPT app on which I installed the Wolfram plugin) and later when I open the ChatGPT site from my desktop (Windows10, latest Chrome), the site shows that the Wolfram plugin is installed but it’s not listed in the interface to be selected. If I try to uninstall the plugin from the desktop, the site gives me an error.

edit: At 10:30 AM Italy local time the problem is resolved. Now I see the plugin in the list and I can select and use it.

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Seems to be fixed now

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