Plugin installation failed again 2023-10-21

Plugin installation failed again! This time, it failed on those plugins that use OAuth.

It seems there is a failure pattern now - it happened during weekends. I hope they are doing maintenance work. That would be a reasonable excuse. Otherwise, they need to address the issue before any serious plugins become online.

Anyway, they should improve their monitoring tools, which still show “All Systems Operational”

I can confirm that the issue persists. I can’t either update nor add new plugins that require authorization.

URGENT: OpenAI Team, please address this critical issue as soon as possible @logankilpatrick @raf

Here’s what I attempted, but none of these steps resolved the problem:

  • Installed the Oauth plugins using multiple ChatGPT Plus accounts.
  • Attempted to log in using both Google and Microsoft.
  • Used ChatGPT in an Incognito tab and tried installing a plugin. This did not resolve the issue.
  • Logged out and logged back in, but the issue remained.
  • Attempted to install plugins made by different developers.

Interestingly, once a plugin is installed, it becomes usable despite the error.

Here’s a video I recorded that demonstrates the problem:

Here’s the error screenshot. As you can see the 500 error happens on the OpenAI side:

I’m facing a similar issue. I attempted to install the ‘Chat with Excel’ and ‘AnySheet’ plugins. However, after signing into the platforms from which the plugins originate, returning to Chat GPT not only fails to show that the plugins were installed, but also displays an error stating ‘could not login with plugin’. In the past, I’ve successfully installed two other plugins without any issues, so this has left me a bit confused.

That is a very different problem. Most likely, the Chat with Excel didn’t implement the OAuth correctly. Please talk to them.