Plugins just not working. Given an error message for the past couple days

I haven’t been able to use plugins for a couple days now, when I try, I get this message; “Error communicating with plugin service. Please try again later.” Wondering if this is a widespread problem or if I’m having an edge case?

I’ve tired only using one plugin at a time with a stable one. I’ve tried with scrapper, wolfram alpha, local, & many others.

The last 5 days have been a circus on things not working. I am really wondering now, what the $20 per month is actually useful for.

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Just got the same trouble, it’s a long time almost 30hours

In the same boat, its been 3 days since I’ve been able to use plugins - very annoying, and the main reason I use premium

What is your experience with ?

We noticed less than usual the number of new users in the last few days. It might be related to updates OpenAI is rolling out.

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I still don’t have any ability to use plugin. The open AI bing browering plugin works, but third-party plugins don’t. its been over a week or more now. At least some communication from open Ai or an acknowledgement that a problem exists and they are working on it would be appreciated.

Also, I’m curious if there is any way to send a support request. Given one of the main reasons for paying is obsolete. I couldn’t find any support email, and on their site its it just a bot that can only be asked pre-written questions.

I opened up a new chat today to try one of the plugins I know have been released already but I am struggling to have the UI allow me to select the plugins I want to activate. I am sure this is a bug, but I wonder if anyone is experiencing the same behavior. Tks

I thought it was just me. I’ve been having the exact same issue for a week now with the exact same message. I’ve logged out multiple times, refreshed the browser and nothing works. Like you said it would be nice if openAI said something about it , we’re paying for a service that we can’t use with no idea whether they’re working on it or not.

I was able to fix my plugins by uninstalling and reinstalling them. This seems to have resolved any conflicts that were preventing them from working properly. I believe this may be a problem caused by OpenAI’s breakneck pace of updates, especially those that are not publicized. Redownloading seems to have fixed the problems.