ChatGPT losing messages in middle of conversation?

This happened around the same time to a few of my ChatGPT4 conversations. GPT responses are disappearing. I looked at the response from the conversation api, and it just shows my message, and then my next message, and no GPT response. Additionally, whenever that happens, I’m no longer able to edit the conversations that are next to each other.

Anyone else experience this?


Yes, I’m having the same issue. This looks like the same issue described in the following posts:

Notably, though, none of these posts have a solution (other than refreshing and generating a new response), nor any reports of the problem being resolved. Anecdotally, I’ve been seeing this issue (intermittently) for about a month, but some of these posts go back a little further than that.

EDIT: Updated 3/19/24 to add another post about this issue to the list.

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Thanks for compiling all of those. I didn’t find other posts related to this when I posted 13 days ago. Glad to see I’m not the only one. (Mine is the 2nd one in your list). I’ve only seen this in the web app, but I use the iOS app much less often. And I wonder if it has something to do with leaving the web app open for a long time, perhaps related to session cookies.

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I have found somewhat of a solution. It still wastes generation but at least it doesn’t replace a good answer with a bad one.
Basically I explained to chatgpt that I am coming across this bug and from now one with every prompt I will finish with a command telling it to disregard everything after it. This way, when the bug does happen, it will disregard the new prompt and create a response based only on the old prompt. Yes, it is a waste and you will end up with multiple answers to the same prompt but on the upsite, chatgpt seems to understand what is going on and will obey my “disregard” command. Here’s a screenshot of how I explained to chatgpt.

Also one thing I noticed on Dall.E is that this mixup situation never seems to happen before or after I request an image creation. If I demand a text response then after that demand an image generation, followed by another text, the mixing up never seems to happen. I’m a layman when it comes to computers but I assume this is an indication that the bug is related to the text function only.


Same here and it’s really annoying…specially when you spent 10 minutes constructing a prompt. And you are not always doing control+c of fear the technology is always bugging out…