ChatGPT now redacts earlier answers?!

Using ChatGPT+.

I honestly don’t know if this is a new ‘feature’ or just a bug.

I was having a great time today with ChatGPT and it answered my prompts and everything. After about 5 prompts I scrolled back up to refer to the earlier answers, and it ‘disappeared’.

The first prompt was merged with the second prompt and it only showed the answer for the 2nd prompt. The first prompt’s answer disappeared!

Wtf, the answer was great and now it has disappeared… forcing me to ask the same prompt/question again. I find this to be a waste of my prompt and it pushed me to the limit cap faster.

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You are right, this is an annoying bug and we have had many reports of this.
While I did not experience this issue myself, yet, I sure hope this gets fixed soon!

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I’ve been having the same issue all week and it’s driving me crazy. When I reported the problem, I got this response, “Clear your browser’s cache and cookies: Sometimes, outdated or corrupted cache data can cause unexpected behavior in web applications. Try a different browser or device: This can help determine if the issue is specific to the browser or device you’re using.” None of that helped, though. It did not fix the issue.