ChatGPT Responses Disappearing After Logging Out

Issue: Experiencing loss of ChatGPT’s responses when I log back into the system to continue the chat. The previous response has dissapeared and sometimes I am left with the option to Regenerate the response.

Steps to Reproduce: I have rgenerated the response several times, received an answer, logged out and back in again to the same chat and the response is gone or requests I regenerate.

Expected Behaviour: I would expect the previous response to remain visible and accessible without the need for token useage.

Frequency: I have one chat I have kept for reference where this repeats every time.

I believe this might be a common issue for Plus users.


I’m a Plus user.
I have the same issue as described.

This bug has affected my two most recent chats/conversations. After refreshing the page / or switching conversations, I’ve noticed that previous responses from ChatGPT have disappeared, and I’m sometimes prompted to regenerate the response.

This isn’t what I would expect, especially considering there should be no need to use additional tokens for accessing past interactions.

Has anyone found a workaround, or is there any official guidance on how to address this problem? Any insights or suggestions from the community would be greatly appreciated.


Also a Plus user. Same problem.

Like vffrench above, no logout is necessary to produce this behavior. After refreshing or switching conversations (or restarting browser), some or all of the most recent block of responses are gone. When I regenerate, some of them may reappear along with the newly generated response, or not.

For example, say I generated 4 responses for my most recent prompt in a given conversation. When that conversation is reloaded, that whole block of 4/4 responses is gone. When I regenerate, 2 of them might show back up when it generates a new 3rd response. Or none of them, and it just starts over on that block of responses.

I’ve tried clearing my openai cookies; didn’t help.


I am also a Plus user and also have this issue, still today. Does someone have a solution?

It’s usually the last response that is gone, supposedly because there was an error generating (but it was there yesterday just fine), but sometimes I am also missing answers from somewhere in the middle of the chat, and it now looks like two of my messages follow each other. ChatGPT also has no memory of that response that is gone. (It had generated a list there, but after I noticed it was gone, ChatGPT could also not retrieve it.)

Very strange.


I also have this issue, also Plus-user on Chrome Desktop.


Yes, this is the most annoying thing! Because there’s never any hint that anything went wrong during the chat, then I pull it up a day later to use as reference and half the ChatGPT replies (from random spots all through the convo) are missing! :flushed: Annoyingly, all my messages are still there. Just taunting me. A hint of all the info/data I’m now missing.

I’ve now complained/reported bug on two other threads [here: & here:], so I guess I oughta get back to regenerating that whole convo. Le sigh.

Good luck y’all! Somebody holla’ at me if y’all find a workaround, yeah? :slightly_smiling_face::pray:

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I think this can be two different problems:
1 missing last answer but able to regenerate
2 missing a part of an answer deep back in the convo

I think I have experienced both, but problem nr. 2 seems to be a real pain in the ass

I think I need to save the convo-s into word or similar while I can see the full answers

I’ve exported my chats and looked at the ones which have problems.

The answers are missing, that is, normally every message in a convo has the next message as the child message referenced by the message GUID. Normally this goes USER1 → ASSISTANT1 → USER2 → ASSISTANT2.

Those which are affected by the problem are like USER1 → ASSISTANT1 → USER2 --[problem arises]-> USER3. This means that message USER2 contains the GUID of USER3 as the child GUID.

So not only did the assistants answer get dropped, but the next user question (USER3) gets referenced by the previous one (USER2), which is quite odd. One would expect that the child GUID of USER2 would point to the missing ASSISTANT2, but it doesn’t.

When USER3 is then submitted it doesn’t see the answer of the assistant and is confronted with the context USER1+ASSISTANT1+USER2+USER3 and these last two user messages are then what ChatGPT responds to.