ChatGPT responses disappear the next day and must be regenerated (web app)

This is a bug in the ChatGPT frontend web app on the OpenAI website, not the API, so I hope this is the right place to report this.
Nearly every single day for the last few weeks now, when I open up ChatGPT, its last response is missing and instead I see the ‘There was an error generating a response’ message with the “Regenerate” button. But there was no error generating a response. It was there yesterday, and now it’s gone. I’ve tried logging out and logging back in. I’ve opened up the iOS app, thinking the response might be there, but it’s not.
I can regenerate the response and get something similar, but I’ve already made decisions based on the missing response, so this is disconcerting.

I have not noticed this issue with responses that were generated while I was using the iOS app, which I use much less often.

Is this happening to anyone else? Is it a known bug? Any way I can resolve it on my end?


Yes exactly the same here. Last time I used ChatGPT was a bit over a week ago, back then I didn’t have this issue. Now, for the last couple of days, whenever I continue my chat the next day, the last few responses always are gone and I am instead met with a Regenerate response button due to “an error generating a response”. Sounds like a pretty big issue to me. Not sure why this forum post only has 1 like and no responses.


I’ve been seeing it too. A response will be generated, and if I just change chats and then come back without even reloading the page, the response is gone and replaced with “There was an error generating a response”. It feels like it’s just not saving the conversation after the response finishes. It didn’t happen every time, just for seemingly random chats, but once it started happening for a chat it seemed to keep happening.

I noticed that uBlock was blocking some API requests. They look like analytics calls (probably a “block trackers” block list), but just in case it was causing problems I disabled uBlock for The problem comes and goes so I don’t know if it’s fixed (this might not be related at all), but FWIW I haven’t seen it for a while.


It sounds like you have the fusing prompts glitch as well. A response will generate but not save and then unless you reload the page or click away, if you do another prorpt, they ill fuse together. yeah no one seems to be fixing it but it does exist.


Same here.

“Sounds like a pretty big issue to me. Not sure why this forum post only has 1 like and no responses.”

It’s not much, but there’s another thread on this same issue where I and (as of now) three others have posted, also started about a week ago:


And I’m wondering the same…


I have the same problem, since around 1 to 2 weeks maybe.


A workaround is when I’m done with a “session”, I have a throwaway conversation that I type anything into, so the throwaway session is the one that gets hit with the regenerate bug

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Still happening to me in the web client.

Using chrome, but the response is also missing on the IOS app.

At first I only noticed it like a day or more later when I’d go back to it, but today the response disappeared after less than an hour.

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FYI: There’s another discussion here, where someone compiled links to posts on similar issues (including this post) relating to disappearing/fusing messages.