Changing Account/Builder Profile Name?

Is there a way to change my builder profile name? I am working on a custom GPT and do not want my name listed publicly. It automatically gets my name from my billing information. I do not want that, but I still want to have my display name “Kuroodo” shown instead.


There needs to be a way to submit feedback for this



What about your domain? That is verified?

Unfortunately I don’t have a domain :sweat_smile:

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Me too, I don’t want to display my full name.
But I don’t know where I can make the changes.


Agreed. It would be ideal to be able to make a GPT public without having to display your name to the whole internet


Okay I was able to change my plan name to show only an initial for my last name. This then update my builder name so more anonymous

May I ask where you can modify the Plan name? I am using iOS and subscribed to Plus, but I couldn’t find where to make changes.

Mark. Same question here. Don’t wish to change my billing name neither.

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Yes, so what i did

Go to My Plan.

Click on Manage Subscription.

Change Your Billing Name to which you want to show on GPTs.

Save It.

Go to Settings And Beta.

Go to Builder Profile.

Turn Of than name and turn it on again.

This Works for me.

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The builder profile needs a redesign. I need my complete name included on the billing invoice but I am hesitant to display it on my public building profile at this time. Additionally, I own multiple domains and I am unsure why a domain is required. The builder profile is confusing.


Agreed to all of that; 1. I don’t want to make my full name public and 2. Don’t want to risk an issue with next payment due to editing billing information, either.

My suggestion: Just allow for a custom name that will be fixed (not changeable) once set; that way, the GPT builder can’t do “identity obfuscation” (if that’s the concern).

A fixed, yet not personally identifying name → Very easy for OpenAI to identify the real person and hold them responsible in case of actual wrongdoing, e.g. if complaints arise in a public forum / social media / somewhere.

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Man how and where did you find change name option?

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I don’t have the option to change my name in the builder. I created a GPT yesterday and it gave me the name of community builder. Is this because it is still rolling out.

In the chatgpt UI. Bottom left → my plan

What domain are they looking for to verify? Is it any website domain for your company or name? Im not clear what domain they are looking for?

I was able to change my Builder Profile name by changing my billing payment information name under My Plan.
I have a domain, but I am not sure how to get it verified by OpenAI. Does anyone know the steps to achieve this?

I think for domains, when you go set up the domain name it should tell you what they need you to do in order to verify it. I remembered the other day when messing with it it asks to place some kind of file in the domain or something like that.

When I go to the Builder Profile, there is no option to display a name, there’s only an option to show the domain/website. So, without inserting a name, it essentially appears as ‘by Community Builder’ and doesn’t allow me to save the GPTs as public. Is there a way to resolve this issue? Are there other people experiencing a similar problem? :thinking:


I think it populates from the billing info if you subscribe via credit card on the web. If like myself you, have done that in the past, then switched to iOS billing it still uses that name from the card from the web, meaning it locks you out of changing it. I added my own domain even fine but it does not let me display that instead. I find this feature very broken. Much like not being able to change my phone number on my account.