How to verify OpenAi profile and active builder profile

I’d like to publish in the store my Gpt’s already created, however i can’t since I don’t have a domain.
Besides, is mentioned that “Complete verification to publish GPTs to everyone.
Verify your identity by adding billing details or verifying ownership of a public domain name.”

How can i verify the profile through the billing details?

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Does doing this help?

Go to your profile and enter to “setting & beta”, active the last tab “Builder Profile”.
There can active you public profile using you own domain and setting the TXT dns as the instruction explain there.
I hope this solve the problem.

The OP does not have a domain, which is the root of their problem.

sorry @elmstedt , what is “OP”?

It means, Original Poster.

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Oh really! sorry i dont pay attention, you are right.

I got the same problem. Did you get through it?

No, still waiting for the solution. I cannot find any section about profile verification through billing data

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Have you heard any word on this issue by chance? I’m running into the same issue and have searched everywhere to no avail. I submitted the question through the chat feature on support.openai a couple days ago but still haven’t heard back. I’ve heard through my company that Openai is notoriously slow to reply to questions so hoping this gets resolved soon

You have to create your own website. Even if that page is blank.
I can tell you that I don’t remember anything before the verify step, because I was using two GPTs at the time, one of which provided the domain name. Most of the time you have to buy a domain and then you have to find a host. Both are paid unless you have access to a source where you can get it for free. At this point out of several options I went to godaddy to buy a domain. You can host it on github and it’s free.

As for the verification step, I had a problem for more than 2 days. Finally, I found a method from this community. Reinstall by cutting out the www and you’re done.

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When I go to Settings & Beta > Builder Profile there’s a message that says: “Complete verification to publish GPTs to everyone.
Verify your identity by adding billing details or verifying ownership of a public domain name.”

I’m trying to do this without owning a public domain and by verifying my billing details like OP.

If I have to purchase a domain then I’ll probably go that route. I purchased GPT Plus with my billing details the other day so I’m confused as to why I’m getting this notification in the first place.

I’m tired of OpenAI’s communication methods being misleading or vague. At least the billing should be removed because it is not yet in use.

You misinterpreted the message “Verify your identity by adding billing details or verifying ownership of a public domain name.”
The meaning of this message is that you should have something to verify your identity. How to add billing details. This income has not been paid or is open for filling out. So there is only a way to confirm the domain. In the helpcenter, it clearly states what information needs to be entered. If you try these steps in order, there is no mention of inserting a bill at all. I also thought that I would have to put it on my website, but after finishing it, I didn’t do anything more than a blank page.


I have several coworkers that didn’t add a domain, verified with their billing info, and have been able to publish custom GPTs for everyone to see. So this was definitely a possibility at some point. They all had ChatGPT Plus for the previous months though so not sure if that was something to do with it. There should definitely be information on this somewhere though, seems like a lot of users are running into this issue.

There is a possibility We’ll have to wait until someone tells us. This kind of thing can happen too. The fact that each ID receives updated features is different.

hi, I’m having the same issue. Is there an update for this problem yet?

In GPT, at the bottom left where your photo appears, enter your domain without “https:”, as follows: in: Settings - Builder profile - GPT link.

Go to your domain provider for example “hostinger” and enter a TXT that GPT gave you as follows:


Go back to GPT and verify the domain in the same part where you acquired the TXT

There’s a current issue with builder profiles not being verified after verifying through DNS.