Changing Account/Builder Profile Name?

Yes, I also believe it originates from the Billing Info when you subscribe to the membership via credit card. As for ChatGPT, I used Google Store, not Apple Pay. However, I’ve heard that there are users who have purchased the subscription from Google Store and also with Apple Pay, and they encountered the same issue of the missing name option. Hmm… :disappointed:

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Yeah would be nice to change the name

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Honestly, its a odd choice, the way in which they don’t let you update a phone number (although I have been told it has no effect on the account itself) and the way it uses the entire name of my credit card, I have quite a long name as well so its giving away quite person info if I turn it off haha.

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bottom left my plan, on payment page Scroll down the page And you will see update Information you’ll see a little pencil icon to the left of it then it’ll have an option to change your name then press save

What’s the URL for this page? When I login on it takes me straight to the ChatGPT app. I can’t see any way of getting to my billing page.

It’s on the bottom left click your name and chose my plan BUT for some reason its not working or going to any link to payed plan

Bumping for visibility. Please hear us out OpenAI!

I found solution, basically just buy a cheap domain name of your name, then you can attach it to a domain name, for example I got the domain which is my first and last name + my degree title.

My Domain Is verified and still having same issue

How have you changed name? In builder?

I don’t have a ‘Name’ button.

I know how to change my Builder Profile, but there’s no button.

You have a Name button in the Profile Builder, but you’re only here because you can’t find it.

I don’t have a ‘button’.

It’s a line from an avatar.
Jake Sully, I See You.
But I can’t see you, even though I want to. Why? Because there’s no a Name button! I have to see something.
Naturally, I contacted the OpenAI support team.
Naturally, I attached a capture and explained my problem in detail.
They kindly sent me here.
I swore I loved OpenAI and Sam Altman, and yet here I am.

The only person who can help me, is you.
I want to proudly rename my GPTs to whatever name I want and release them to the public.

I know how to do that by going into My Plan and hitting Manage My subscription.
When I do that, I’m directed to this community. I’m stuck, and I can’t get out,
The OepnAI team brought me here.
The only button I can press is the unsubscribe button, and it’s ridiculous.

Please, only those who understand my situation and know the solution should comment on my post.

I started my first paid subscription on iPad (iOS).
GPTs are only available to people who use the webpage Chat GPT on a computer.
If you’re like me and started your first subscription on iOS
and want to create GPTs from the webpage to change their Builder profile.
Is anyone else missing the ‘Name’ button? I’m wondering if this is just me.

Sorry, I’m a newbie and the community policy is only one attachment, so I’m attaching this.

Exactly, I have an apple subscription. The only thing it allows me to do is cancel the subscription. I don’t have any name options. OpenAI keeps sending me here for the fix to the community builder profile to set up my name. So frustrating.

I requested the Help assistant to provide me with a clear instruction on whether I should cancel my enrollment and re-enroll via desktop.

me too I can not change my builder profile name

I’ve just been able to change my builder name profile by going into “manage subscription” → “billing information” → “Update information” → changed “name” to what I wanted for my builder name. (direct billing to credit card)

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  1. Anyone else have the glitch where it asks you to reverify your domain even when it was verified, then when you try to reverify it it says it already been verified? Support is not helping at all

  2. [8:23 AM]

Support is no help at all


  1. [8:24 AM]

This is their response after waiting a week

  • "Thank you for staying in touch with us.First of all, we need wait 24 hours to check that the DNS record has propagated throughout our system. If after 24 hours this error remains, it’s likely the case that your domain is already verified in another organization for SSO purposes. If you are verifying the domain as part of your Custom GPT Builder Profile, you will need to check with your colleagues if the GPT can be created as part of your company’s Enterprise organization. If you are using a different organization for the GPT Builder, you can still create GPTs but cannot publish them in the GPT store. Best, " (edited)
  1. [8:25 AM]
  • the dns settings were updated more than a week ago and there is no posibility another organization is using my DNS as the only verification is the one i put ther(edited)
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  • We have worked diligently to build custom gpts for the store and now none of them are public and we cant get any help
  1. [8:27 AM]
  • Ive Provided proof i own the DNS by providing a screenshot of the DNS being entered in to my DNS setting