Changing the builder-profile domain on one GPT causes a change in ALL my pulished GPTs!

My Team makes GPTs for three clients.

I verified all of them via TXT.

However if I go to GPT3, settings, and change it to, in the GPT public store now also see that GPT2 and GPT1 is “by

Is this a bug?

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you mean if you click here

you get this

which is the same menu you get when you click here:

So, in summary, it’s not a bug, it simply doesn’t do what you thought it did!

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It certainly looks at lest confusing then, because I can access this setting inside a specific GPT, and because they let me verify multiple domains, and because they do not specify anywhere that this is a “per account” setting.

is this setting per account? per team?

So basically it is impossible for me to publish a GPT by AND another one by ?

Yes, this is a “per account” thing.

Yep, client 1 & 2 should simply publish their GPT’s from their own account. :hugs:

Thank you. Does anyone else feel this could be a limiting factor?

Can we push for a feature request?

What if my organization handles 6 products/domains that require different domains?!

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You’re welcome!

I believe it’s a safety feature, imagine if someone published a bunch of unsavory “AI girlfriend” GPT’s in your name :sweat_smile:

I’m not sure I fully understand what you mean by that. The safety is in the DNS ownership.

if they can demonstrate they own then they should be free to use it.

Absolutely, but in this case the client is the actual owner of the domain, and if they want to have their name on the builder profile, they’ll need to be the owner of the GPT account too :sweat_smile:

If they don’t want to own their own GPT’s for whatever reason, I would just create my own website for the builder profile with links to all the clients & their GPT’s :hugs:

if they want to have their name on the builder profile, they’ll need to be the owner of the GPT account too

So a company makes and owns, and app1 app2 app3,

They have a team on chatGPT.

Why should they be forced to create a GPT account for each product?

Think about EA sports,… should they make an account for each of their thousands of games?

Couldn’t they just make one “EA sports” account and publish from that? :thinking:

ok EA was a bad example because it is a well-established and recognized game-maker.

Use your imagination to visualize hundreds of corporate examples where the name of the corporation owning products has little to do with the brand(s) they build

I still can’t see the issue,

What’s your agreement with these clients? Was the plan that you would make their GPT’s for free, and then you’d get to keep the profit from revenue sharing?