Cannot Access all of my Custom GPTs - Some are not showing in the Left-hand Sidebar or in the 'My GPT's' Window?

Hey there,

I have created several CustomGPTs.
Only 2 currently appear in the LHS
When I click on Explore GPTs - My GPTs or Name (bottom left) - My GPTs
I see a blank screen/list.

Currently there isn’t a function to Search through your GPTs and they aren’t showing - so I cannot access my other GPTs (currently 2 are showing, have >5)

How can I Find and Access my other Custom GPTs, ASAP?


You’re not seeing the My GPTs link?

Tried another browser? Signed out and back in again?

Yes I see the MyGPT’s link, but when I click it - it goes to the above page I screenshotted. tried logging in/out, and using chrome/edge

Weird. Any email from OpenAI about delisting?

If you mean have I received any emails from openai regarding delisting? no i havent, no emails whatsoever.

Yeah Idk how to search/find/access my other customgpts

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