Why the gpts aren't loading for me ? is it only me?

I am a plus subscriber. From yesterday Morning, I am unable to use My Gpts and others Gpts. Is this happening only to me ?

For my own Gpts, the solution I’ve implemented is to use them via the edit mode. However, for others’ Gpts; I do not have any solution so far.

Here is what happens when I click on one of my Gpts and others’ Gpts :

This is getting on my nerves ! I can not explore some of the beautifully made customized Gpts out there ! :smiling_face_with_tear:

Does anyone have an explanation for this behavior ?

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On Wednesday I had the store for about half an hour. I made one GPT live. Then I want to go do something. I came back and started looking at the store. Then I clicked on one GPT and looked at it. Then, when I hit the back button a message flashed across the screen it said something about server could not do something. The message disappeared in an instant and put me back to the GPT interface. I have not seen the store since. Yesterday all of my gpt’s disappeared for about 4 hours. Then they came back. But I haven’t seen the store since wednesday. Something interesting is that in a half hour my GPT had over 300 chats. It has not had one chat since then.

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I just see the old MyGPTs interface for now too,

Not access to the store or the store in sight yet. Together with additional glitches. But that’s how launches go sometimes, so we’ll have to be patient it seems :sweat_smile:

I think it was a “bug”, which they’ve fixed recently. For me, it is back to work with a charm. Is it the same for you ? If, not I hope it will as soon as possible. This is beyond the community, no body can help you over here. It’s something to do with the system.

Same issue. Can’t see GPT’s made before a couple of days ago.

See for a similar error:


If you just want to use your own Gpts, it might be useful to just enter to Editor mode ; as I have mentioned in the thread.

Since you don’t have access to your GPTS, try browsing your History and look for the link to your GPT, grab its ID and place it in [your GPT ID] this link :

https://chat.openai.com/gpts/editor/[your GPT ID]

This way you’ll have access to your GPT in editor mode.

I hope it helps.


Thanks MrNine! Appreciate the suggestion, luckily have the GPT references saved.

For anyone else reading that’s experiencing similar, the domain linked to my developer account also disappeared around the same time and hasn’t let me re-add it (saying domain linked to another account when I try to re-add - mine!). Got around that by adding a subdomain and have reached out to OpenAI for more info.

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You are mostly welcome !

have you got any answer from them or not yet ? Do they answer ?

Thanks again.

Opened a chat their AI Support agent a few days back but no confirmation or update yet. Let’s see! Want to get back to building.