Can’t find the ‘Code Interpreter’ plugin

Hey, I subscribed to GPT4+. I have access to plugins but I can’t find the ‘Code Interpreter’ plugin

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Same here. I don’t find the code Interpreter even after having the developer access

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Code Interpreter is in alpha and is not available to everyone yet. But first check your settings. If you have it you’ll be able to turn it on there. But most of us don’t have it yet. I still don’t have it and I am a plus user and have plugins.


same here , any expected date for us to get access to it ???

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same, i only alpha browsing and plug-in to download, no code intreprater

Yeah, I probably use ChatGPT most for coding support and would love to try it out to see how it compares. Is there any straightforward way to be put on a waitlist?

The code interpreter plugin is not available yet to everyone. It is in a limited alpha.