I'm paying for Chat GPT Plus and still no Code Interpreter available

I continue to pay monthly waiting to use this CI function, and have seen no updates from the company. When will this feature will become available to my account?


Code Interpreter is a limited beta trial and not part of the Plus subscription at the moment, there are no timelines at present for its public release.

I believe this is a beta feature for now, and like you said, is not released to everyone. Even for ChatGPT plugin developer accounts, it’s not available for all of us.

The best thing would to be patient and wait.

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Yeah, I’m really looking forward to trying this as well. For people who do have access, how does it differ from working in code in ChatGPT4?

Same. But trust the process. It will come!

@JD_2020 & @Foxabilo Is there a process to request access to the Code Interpreter plugin?

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No, there is currently no waitlist or application channel for Code Interpreter.

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I t hought I saw somewhere that code interpreter is now called “chat with code”. I could very well be wrong though. Chat with code is available as a plugin right now. Can’t for the life of me figure out how to use it.

seems to have a comprehensive walkthrough

I have beta pluggins turned on. I see Social Influencers getting access to it. I understand that it’s not public, but I would like to be part of the testing phase.

Yes I will have to wait, but the squeeky wheel gets the oil. Others are using it, social influencers I see on Instagram got early access. They aren’t having to be patient.

I am, I have a work need for it so I am hoping the beta comes to my account sooner than later. I like the way Apple did it as a developer better. Let people try it as a beta, they get the data to improve it and we get to play and develop our technologies.

Hey folks, code interpreter is in Alpha which means it is not widely available. Hang tight! When it goes into Beta, you will be able to enable it.