Code Interpreter plugin is nowhere to be found

The original waitlist application used to have an option for code interpreter. However, when they launched Browsing and Plugins for beta testing, they closed this application channel. Therefore, it is currently not possible to apply for the code interpreter, and the only option is to patiently wait for the alpha testing to end and enter beta testing as soon as possible.

Lots of buzz around Code Interpretter - keen to have a play but not in the Plug Ins list for me - in the same way as it isn’t for many others. I appreciate that the roll out may take time so happy to wait.

However, while I’m here I want to point out that the Plug In list is getting a little too long for a paginated no-search interface. Bit of UX needed.


Code Interpreter is what I have been waiting for. I have been a paid subscriber for months yet still do not have access. Very annoying.


Same here - plans in limbo while waiting, just spent a good 10 min trying to find it.

@shazam The opposite, unfortunately! It is still in alpha and only select few have access.

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Me too. I have access to ChatGPT Plus and am into analytics. This is why I joined. Does anyone have clear answer as to by when ChatGPT Plus users can expect Code Interpreter to be made available.


I would agree, plugins are interesting, or at least some of my results testing. I will be more interested once the plugins are more refined with ChatGPT platform and Code Interpreter is available. In addition, being able to used/activate more than 3 plugins would be great. UI for finding plugins, activating and deactivating plugins needs to be improved. The whole checkmarks, scrolling is terrible, no search and no “clear all plugins” option. All kinds of UI improvements could be made, easily. Or how about being able to change plugins between conversations or for ChatGPT to be able to switch up plugins if it sees a use to solve the greater request or goal

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No, they haven’t released any rollout schedule. Just need to wait.


Can we have our ChatGPT+ subscriptions pro-rated until the Code interpreter is out of Alpha and we can at least run it in Beta. Like many, many, others following tutorials, demos, and seemingly everyone else in the universe who already has access to it, it does no good for lots of resources to be coming out around code interpreter, when the audience has no ability to even use it. Plus, there’s the “well, they have access and are paying the same amount as me, and I have less functionality,” discussions around the water-cooler.

Also, I suggest that OpenAI introduce global website navigation that includes all areas. As it is, too many of the areas of the site are “dark” from other areas. It’s like a building directory that has 2 floors and 6 different offices listed, but the building has 4 floors with 20 offices, each. When you’re on a floor and there’s no indication other floors even exist.


Code inepter is the only useful plugin and I do not have access, how can I obtain it? I’ve been paying since it was released.


Code Interpreter is still in limited alpha.


I’m pretty annoyed. One of the main reasons I subscribed to Plus was for the Code Interpreter and it’s no where to be found! Sucks!!! OpenAI needs to be more clear on stuff.


Just subscribed to Plus again expecting the code interpreter to be in the plugins. Any sign of when we’ll be able access it?


Nothing announced. Still limited alpha and no waitlist.

It’s a mess. Actually, why not releasing a releasing schedule or something. I thought Code Interpreter will be available as a regular plug in. Such a disappointment.

No Code Interpreter plug-in yet, even though the site implies that all ChatGPT plugins will be available to paid subscribers. Maybe it’s geography? I’m in Pakistan. I expect perhaps users in the US/West have it first/already.

Code interpreter is the only useful plugin and I do not have access, how can I obtain it? I’ve been paying since it was released. I wanted to use it but it’s not possible. it’s a shame!! why do they don’t release this plugin? HELPPP

Hey! As mentioned before, code interpreter is in Alpha which means there is no public timeline for when it will be widely available, and no current way to get on the list. Thanks for hanging tight, it is going to be worth the wait while we fix bugs and get it ready for wider use (making things work well for lots of people is hard, who would have guessed).

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I do suggest checking out the Noteable plugin, does pretty much the same thing as code interpreter.