How can I access the Code Interpreter Plugin/Model?


I just got access to the Plugins. I am able to install the plugins on UI, but I do not see the code interpreter plugin from OpenAI. Is it not accessible to everyone with plugin access?


Found the answer in a different thread - a separate waitlist for the native plugins - ChatGPT plugins waitlist (

How do you know this waitlist is for code interpreters?


@avinash040 yeah I thought so too, I got access to all plugins including web browsing, yet no access to code interpreter


I’ve had access to plugins for weeks and still no sign of a Code Interpreter nor any models with web browsing (which are the only two with any real relevance to my use case).


same here, only plugins without code interpreter or web browsing :frowning:


same here, my guess is that it is done in batches. Probably will be given access soon.

There are public plugins that let you scrape and run code might want to give that a shot. They work decently well


Same here, just got access and excited to test code interpreter or webbrowsing but there is only third parties plugins :confused:


As a colleague said, all of us here already have access to plugins and will have access to Browser and Code Interpreter.

It’s just a matter of time, there’s no need to reapply for the waiting list. Just be patient and wait a little.

I have read information here: ChatGPT plugins

P.S : Hey, I just saw the Browsing plugin! It seems that some of us have the Browsing plugin, but it’s disabled by default. To activate it, go to settings and toggle the switch to enable it.

Info: ChatGPT — Release Notes | OpenAI Help Center



The announcement “ChatGPT plugins are here!” seems to authoritatively document that Code Interpreter is being rolled out on a separate schedule from plugins and browsing (which are due by EOD tomorrow, 19 May, for all Plus subscribers).

(I just created my community account in order to post this so I don’t have link rights yet, but here’s a quote, or you can just search for the ChatGPT plugins are here! post and/or enter t/chatgpt-plugins-are-here/115731/115 after the host part of the URL.

Hey folks, quick follow up, ChatGPT plugins and browsing (not code interpreter) should be fully rolled out to all users by the end of the day pacific time on May 19th. If you want to enable them, navigate to the settings in the lower left hand corner, go to “Beta features” and enable the features you want.

Note that if you do not yet see “Beta features” it means plugins have not yet rolled out to you, thanks for being patient!

I haven’t seen any further details—like whether plugin developer waitlist members will get earlier access (probably not—since ChatGPT and OpenAI developer accounts aren’t directly linked, and Code Interpreter is a plugin, and the waitlist is for developers who want to write their own plugins—but who’s to say?) or whether, like browsing, it will be separate from enabling other plugins or also in the Plugin Store.


Chat GPT has the best answer here…

The reason you can’t see the Code Interpreter plugin in the ChatGPT plugin store is because it’s currently in a limited alpha stage of release. This means it’s not yet available to all users. Unfortunately, there’s no waitlist for the Code Interpreter plugin, so there’s no way to expedite access. You’ll need to wait until OpenAI decides to roll it out more widely​.


I’ve been using the Noteable plugin and have been able to do some insane stuff. You may want to try it out while waiting for code interpreter.


I’ve read that the Discord GPT Assistant bot will load ChatGPT into your Discord server. The bot accesses the Code Interpreter plugin (“CodeInterpreterSession Panel”), which works as it does via the regular ChatGPT web-service.

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You can now access the code interpreter plugin if you are a “Plus” user. Go to the menu, select settings, then select beta features. There will be an on-off toggle to enable the Code Interpreter plugin.

From: How do I access plugins? | OpenAI Help Center