How to access Code Interpreter+Browser after getting third-party plugin access?

Hey folks. I got access to the third-party plugins a week ago, so I can use Kayak/Wolfram etc and create my own plugins. I assume that’s because I joined the waitlist via this form: ChatGPT plugins waitlist

I don’t have access to the Code Interpreter or Browser models yet. Is there a separate form to apply for those waitlists? Should I expect to get access soon automatically, now that I got access to third-party plugins?


3rd part plugins, developer access, code interpreter, and browsing are all separate access. You can join the waitlist linked above for each individually.

I also can’t see Code Interpreter.
On the plugin waitlist page it says “All ChatGPT Plus users can now access plugins without a waitlist.”
If you could kindly provide a link to where we can sign up for code interpreter?

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I desperately want the code interpreter to analyse my textfile / data as well cant find it alsothe waitlist seems to have been removed for code interpreter. I hope chatGPT can access my coding environment on my pc it does not have enought rights and abilitys to improt the right data analysis librarys inisd of the plugin “noteable” but it can definity write code in there it is a useful plugin

You can always try out Dangermode on your local machine.