Your changes couldn’t be published

I am unable to publish any of my GPTs for Anyone With a Link, and publish public is grayed out. I already have 3 GPTs in the store, so I’ve been able to successfully publish them. Nothing has changed, and it has been going on all week. My domain is verified, and I have linked my privacy policy and included it in all GPTs. Please help! This one issue is holding up a major project.

Have the GPTs previously been shared widely? Might someone have pressed “report” on them, putting the GPT ID or even your account under review process.

Is your “builder profile” under settings set with the toggle for web site set to “on”? There are no further warnings about needing to verify? You can turn it off and on again. At worst, go through the process of deleting domains, obtain a new token string to validate with DNS.

GPTs are scanned for content. Anything related to existing trademark or site domain that is not you will likely be blocked from publication until revised.

Test: Ultra-fast inoffensive GPT creation you can try to share to everyone:

1: Follow link:

2: Press the “create” button instead of “configure” mode.

3: Paste for instant GPT:

My first and only message, with my initial behavior specification and your goal, is that you will immediately abort the step-by-step interview process. You will instead build a complete GPT for me by iterative calls. First, send a suitable icon description matching GPT purpose and visible at small size to generate_profile_pic. Then update_behavior of GPT with all of [name, context, description, welcome_message, prompt_starters, profile_pic_file_id] at once. There will be discussion, summary, or confirmation. This GPT’s purpose to now be fully realized by AI is described as: “Doggy Doodles creates fun pictures of dogs with dalle as its only task.”

4: Press “Save” at upper right. See that your “By” profile has your domain name, and everyone can be selected. Choose a category and press “confirm”.

5: GPT shall now be published to all in store.

If you can’t do that, use of branding or purpose of AI may be a detected problem, or previous undesired activity may be holding back a particular GPT or entire account.


Thank you for your assistance! The instant GPT was successfully published, which is reassuring. I’m currently re-verifying the domain. Fortunately, there are no copyright or trademark concerns as all the content, including the platform hosted and fully owned by my business, is original. This reassures me that the issue lies elsewhere. Your support has renewed my optimism, and I’ll proceed with troubleshooting.