BrowserPilot: A Plugin for Enhanced ChatGPT Interactions

Excitedly, we bring to you our latest invention, BrowserPilot - a new plugin for ChatGPT, designed with one goal in mind: to simplify and enhance your GPT interactions:

  • Access to Bing: BrowserPilot utilizes live data from Bing, ensuring the information you receive is always updated and relevant. It’s like having an always-on, personalized browsing concierge serving you precise, custom-fit answers.

  • Easy Webpage Analysis: Whether it’s technological documents, Twitter accounts, or different website links, just feed BrowserPilot any URL. It’ll give you a clear, concise summary of the page and answer any questions you might have. No more guessing or time wasted on irrelevant content.

  • Quick Content Summaries: Faced with too much information and short on time? BrowserPilot offers short, easy-to-understand summaries of industry research, product reviews, trending news, and more, making it easy for you to stay informed without the need to sift through mountains of information.

  • Local & News Services: Whether it’s local inquiries, weather updates, restaurant picks, or news round-ups, BrowserPilot has you covered.

Our devotion to refining BrowserPilot is unwavering. We’re striving to make it your go-to tool for real-time, spot-on answers. Your interaction with our plugin is of utmost importance to us. Should you stumble upon any issues or have feedback to share, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


The product iteration is quite rapid, with noticeable progress since the last time I used it, especially during search.


Thanks for your feedback! We’re working to improve and enhance BrowserPilot, and please feel free to continue sharing your experiences with us. Really appreciate it! :grinning:

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whoever built is very talented. Can we setup a call to discuss how best to integrate this with what we are building for our clients? thanks!

Thanks! We would love that. Please send me a DM.

There is no function here to send you a DM. Is there an email for me message ?

Hey, I figured it out and have just sent you a DM. Please check your message box. We can continue our conversation there. Thanks!

Hello. Does this plugin has a limit of requests? because I got this error.