🔌 Webpilot: A ChatGPT plugin with an interesting backstory

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Demo here: ChatGPT plugin Webpilot Demo Video - YouTube

Webpilot is a powerful ChatGPT plugin designed to enhance your online experience with the following key features:

  • Web Page Summarization: Input a URL, and Webpilot will provide a concise summary of the page’s content, along with three thought-provoking questions or insights—perfect for editors and content creators.

  • Intelligent Q&A: Ask questions about the web page you’re visiting, and Webpilot will provide answers based on the page’s content.

  • Customized Tone: Specify your desired tone, such as “Steve Jobs,” and Webpilot will respond in that style.

  • Language Preference: Webpilot prioritizes your language choice. Start with “Bonjour,” and the conversation continues in French.

The Webpilot project has an interesting backstory:
Webpilot initially began as a browser extension called Fluentify, designed to assist with reading online content. The name “Fluentify” was coined by ChatGPT, and the first version of the extension was also developed by ChatGPT. Upon its open-source release, Fluentify received an overwhelmingly positive response:

  • It attracted many contributors from the open-source community who helped with iterative upgrades.
  • It was recognized by Futurepedia as the “Most Interesting Product of the Week.”
  • It received four donations totaling approximately $4,000.

To improve brand recognition, Fluentify was rebranded as Webpilot, and the website Webpilot.ai was registered. Surprisingly, when I inquired with ChatGPT about what the product Webpilot.ai might do, it accurately guessed the answer.

As of now, Webpilot has launched version 0.9 on the Google and Edge stores. It is based on the ChatGPT-3.5 interface and is entirely open-source and free. The official release is expected in May.

Our open-source working group is actively developing a series of “pilot” products, primarily based on the ChatGPT plugin, which will be submitted soon.

We are also in the process of forming a formal team and transitioning to a company structure.

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