New plugin available! Need Your Feedback!

Hello Everyone,

We’re excited to announce that our new plugin, BrowserPilot, is now live on the Plugin store!

Simply put, BrowserPilot helps you navigate your ChatGPT interactions more efficiently.

  • It draws real-time data from Bing for up-to-date, reliable answers tailored to your needs.

  • If there’s a lot of info to go through, BrowserPilot provides easy-to-read summaries of studies, reviews, and news.

  • It simplifies webpage analysis for various content formats, providing a concise summary to save time on irrelevant content.

  • It also helps with local services and news, including things like weather and restaurant suggestions.

To be honest, our goal is to help you work faster and save time, a goal that started from my wish to avoid long searches.

Anyway, as we continue to refine this plugin, your feedback is essential! So, please give BrowserPilot a try and share your feedback. It really would mean a lot to us!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

BrowserPilot: A Plugin for Enhanced ChatGPT Interactions