BrowserOp now allows you to engage in round-by-round dialogue to better meet your needs

We are pleased to announce a significant update to our plugin - a feature designed to address your queries through multi-turn dialogues until we provide answers carefully tailored to your unique needs. During this process, detailed and diverse information can double, even triple due to the new feature.

With our new feature, you’ll come across a greater volume of trustworthy information, benefit from more accurate responses, and enjoy a smoother, more coherent interaction. Meanwhile, all of this will happen quicker than before, saving you valuable time in your search.

Check the example below, and happy exploring!

Meet BrowserOp: our ChatGPT plugin that lets you search up-to-date information smoothly and efficiently
Introducing BrowserOp’s Enhanced Update

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We’re excited to unveil a groundbreaking feature in the BrowserOp plugin – the ability to engage in discussions using PDF links. With this enhancement, users can now submit PDF links directly into the platform, allowing for richer and more dynamic conversations centered around the content of these documents.

Whether it’s a research paper, a business report, or an e-book, you can now seamlessly share and discuss its content with BrowserOp. See the example below and give it a try!

BrowserOp now allows you to engage in round-by-round dialogue to better meet your needs

Hi there! I’m a fan of the plugin, awesome job.
Realised nothing comes out of Vue.js SPAs when they are crawled.
It reads the title meta tag and stops there. Then comes the “Unfortunately, I couldn’t retrieve detailed content from the site at this moment.”
Any update on the horizon so we have all these rich applications being read by BrowserOp?

Hello, for some my reason there is no more BrowserOP plugin in ChatGPT. But there is BrowserPilot plugin in the search plugin. Is the plugin updated ?

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I tried using your same pdf link.

But I get the error: “I attempted to access and read the PDF from the link you provided: [Animoca Brands Strategy Update May 2020]. However, there was an issue with downloading or parsing the file, and I couldn’t retrieve its content.”

First, am I using the correct plugin, BrowserPilot? I don’t see BrowserOp anywhere in the plugin store.

Second, can you tell me why it can’t read the same pdf link you used for demonstrating?