Meet BrowserOp: our ChatGPT plugin that lets you search up-to-date information smoothly and efficiently

Hi all! Just a quick note to let you know. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

We’ve rebranded our plugin! Our previously named BrowserPilot is now called BrowserOp. Not to worry, nothing but the name has changed. All the features and functions remain the same.

Continue to search up-to-date information smoothly and efficiently with BrowserOp. Thanks for your ongoing support, let’s enjoy this new phase together!

BrowserPilot: A Plugin for Enhanced ChatGPT Interactions
New plugin available! Need Your Feedback!


How do I add the plugin for my ChatGPT4 plus account.

You can head to the plugin store, and search for BrowserOp, and then click install.

Oi, como faço para baixar o plugin ?

Você pode ir à loja de plugins, procurar por BrowserOp e, em seguida, clicar em instalar.

I am having a problem. I got this message: An error occurred while processing the plugin.
All times that I want to use the plugin. I have always used this pluging, but now I have thet problem.

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Does this plugin have a limit of requests?

I have been having this same issue for a week now.

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is there a way to use this BrowserOp plugin in Python API?

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Is this plugin sill available?


The same problem for me, using Brave browser

Any update on this? I’d been using it for a few days and then it disappeared!