Access Terminated - OpenAI

I had requested to close my account as it was linked with my google signin and I wanted email signin. After I sent a follow up email. I receive this email today. Please help me solve this issue

OpenAI - Access Terminated

After a thorough investigation, we have determined that you are using OpenAI services in ways that violate our policies.

Due to this breach we are halting access to our products immediately for the account associated with the email. Common reasons for breach include violations of our [usage policies or accessing our services from an [unsupported location]. You may also wish to review our [Terms of Use].

If you believe this is in error and would like to appeal, please contact us through our [help center]. We will review your appeal and will contact you if we reinstate your access.

The OpenAI team

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I have expereince a similar issue and I am not even getting a response as to why my account is being deleted or deactivited.Says my account was deleted. No one is responding to my post.

@moderators I would appritiate a response from your end.