Credit cards getting rejected

We keep getting our debit and credit cards rejected by Open AI. I starts out working, it charges successfully, but one after another gets rejected.

Wondering if anyone else has experienced this and knows how to overcome it?

Are you using a prepaid card by any chance? I’ve seen reports that cards issued by the new tech banks like Revolut are not accepted as they are prepaid

I am not, just using a regular credit card and regular debit card. Both have been rejected for some reason

I faced with the same problem, last month everything was great though.

anyone got 5 cts on how the issue got resolved? Tried several valid credit cards and payment has been declined with all, although some of them are even used for GPT Plus subscibtions.

My prepaid Skrill card is also not been accepted. I really want to make use of the API, please help or offer PayPal as a payment option.