Alternative payment options

My goodness. I’m shocked there’s no other way to pay as of this moment.


it is really frustrating. Ive managed to subscribe for only the first month. Then all my debit cards were declined for no apparent reason. Ive sent a message requesting assistance from their support staff and was informed for whatever reason, at the moment they only accept payments via credit card. This is really frustrating, wanting to subscribe but getting rejected.

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I also used the 5$ trial and really want to give them my money to use it further, but it seems like they don’t want more money, because they don’t accept any other payment methods than a credit card, and I don’t have a credit card. I’m also not from the U.S. I talked to the support about it and also told them an idea of something like a pre-paid service pr Paypal, Google pay and other services, so you can pay what you want and can use that amount until you used it up. I hope they will do something like that rather quickly. I hate it when you have to have a credit card to use a service, especially is it is such a great and big, worldwide known service.

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I also only have maestro debit cards. pretty much all of my classmates would like to keep using chatGPT but no one here has a credit card

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I wonder why it’s not possible to pay with a STRIPE account, because I’ve read that OpenAI and STRIPE partnered up a while ago.

OpenAI Winnings after adding PayPal to their subscription options:
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Today August 13, 2023 Mastercard (debit card) is not accepted at OpenAi (even if it works anywhere, from Amazon to Emirates, etc).

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Just to correct an inaccuracy here, OpenAI themselves do not accept any payment methods, they are not the payment processor, that is Stripe. You can contact Stripe to enquire about the card types and payment options they provide.

form the stripe site:

PayPal is available for online marketplaces using Stripe Connect. These online marketplaces include businesses such as Deliveroo and ManoMano that collect payment from customers, and later pay out to sub-accounts or service providers. PayPal isn’t available for platforms that onboard other businesses and enable them to accept payments directly, such as Shopify or Squarespace.


Online marketplaces need to [submit an onboarding request to Stripe] to get access to PayPal. Stripe will reach out within 24 hours to guide you through the onboarding steps.

Maybe its because Maestro is a debit card and no credit card . I guess they only accept some credit cards. I wonder if its possible to pay with Google Pay ?