All chatgpt mode voice feature not working,Iphone 12,Country:China,Getting error:Connection failed,tap to retry

I changed the VPN node many times and confirmed that it is not a problem with the VPN. Chatgpt is also the latest version, but the ios system is not the latest version. I don’t know if this is the reason.


I have the same issuw on iPhone 15 pro max, I’m trying from Mexico

Same here. I can connect to voice chat with any model. I just deleted and reinstalled the app, restarted phone, tried different networks, etc. I’m connecting from cupertino, california

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Same here since the update. iPhone 15 max pro. Latest iOS, Honolulu, Hawaii. Reinstalled, restarted, still not connecting!

Same Issue here, Iphone 15 Pro, Berlin, Germany

it’s an real relief to me knowing the error that not just pop up at China addresses in particular…

Same here. Anyone hear about a fix yet?

i cant aswell from istanbul just bought it too

maybe its because of a server overload?

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That’s what I was thinking…

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Same issue - “Connection failed, tap to retry”
IPhone 13 Pro Max, latest IOS (17.5), Uninstalled and Reinstalled App, Restarted phone
Nova Scotia, Canada

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Seems to be the Server as far as i know. I think it should be up and running in a few hours at best. Havent gotten any other response from my buddy there.


Yes I am receiving the same “connection failed” error on both my IPhone and IPad.

Tried restarting the app, tried uninstalling and reinstalling, tried to update into the latest version, and none of those actions appeared to fix the issue.

Same here. Chicago. Was working fine this morning but tried this afternoon and been getting the same error for the past few hours now.

Not working for me either. Canada

In UK using iPhone 14 Pro. Can’t use GPT4-o. Also getting connection failed tap to try again. Any help?

Brazil, and I’m with the same problem…iPhone 13 pro iOS 17.5

Same problem, sweden iphone 15

Same issue here. Uk

Are the services down or something

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Yes, looks like it’s been down for a few hours. Should be back up soon

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