All chatgpt mode voice feature not working,Iphone 12,Country:China,Getting error:Connection failed,tap to retry

I’m from Turkey. I have the same problem. I tried all the options to fix it.

How long have you been trying it for

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The last hour. Juts got gpt4 an hour ago so I could try the gpt4-o feature. But it’s not working still. I’m in uk too

Hello Everyone! I Fixed The issue Go to settings ,select Application ,select ChatGPT ,select storage or chache or what ever is the name in your device. Clear Both storage and cache and your problem would be fixed when you will launch the app just allow everything and you are all good!

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On iPhone? I don’t there is one

I don’t know about iPhone but you can check if iphone allows to clear storage or cache

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Did you get it to work yet?

Same problem, india macbook pro

Same problem Iphone 14 pro max iOS 17.4.1

Same problem, Mexico, iPhone 14 Pro and Macbook Pro

Same, getting the issue on Macbook Pro and iPhone 12. So doesn’t seem to be device related.

Same problem. iPhone 14 Pro. Connection error, tap to retry. There is zero issue with my WiFi or 5G. Haven’t been able to use the voice assistant all day. I paid for the app because I want to use the voice assistant only. Why am I paying for this and why is there no feedback from OpenAI?


Getting the same issue. Unable to use voice assistant feature on iPhone 12 Pro Max. Have tried various WiFi’s and 5G.

Does anyone know if it’s working on desktop? Might be user overload

same here, idk why this is happening, can we get an answer

Despite having an internet connection, I keep encountering a connection error when trying to use voice chat with ChatGPT-4. I have an iPhone 15 with the latest software version, and the ChatGPT support team has not been able to help

Just purchased plus last night because loved this feature and now it’s gone. Come on now :rofl::smiling_face_with_tear:

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Same issue from Italy
Waiting for a solution

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Thanks. Tried it on my side (Android) and it didn’t fix the issue…

Waiting. I think this is a general problem

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