Accessing GPT4 in playground

Not sure why but I don’t see GPT4 in the playground…I’m a plus subscriber, I’ve also configured my API to be pay as you go, so not sure what’s wrong?



Found it, you need to choose the “chat” mode in the playground:

Good luck and have fun!

Same question as @Manbot12 – I am accepted into the gpt4 beta; but was wondering if there was a playground to kick the tires and see what it can do.


Switch to chat mode on playground


Thank you for your assistance sps, you’re the best!

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IIRC Plus users have access to gpt-4 on only, not on the API - unless they receive a confirmation.

This is the correct response, you need API access.

I have chatgpt plus.

I haven’t configured the API

I need to do that to use GPt4 playground?

(E.g. Image classification?)

How do I do that?

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Same questions I have ChatGPT plus but I can’t access GPT 4 Playground. Please suggest how can I use it.

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Hey, same question. Could someone give as a hint where to find information about how to use chat gpt4 for paid plans in playground? is that even possible ?


Same question here, I have ChatGPT plus, access to GPT4 via ChatGPT, but not available in the “chat” dropdown on OpenAI playground. Do I just need to wait until I have access to the actual API?

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As mentioned earlier, the GPT-4 API is currently not available to the public, even if you’re subscribing to ChatGPT Plus. If you have not received confirmation from OpenAI, you will not be able to access it in the playground. To gain access, you must join the waitlist and wait for their response.


Thank you. Is this a different waitlist to the one for plugins?

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I have the same problem. The account for the api is paid, as well as the GPT+. But in the model options, 4 doesn’t appear when chat is selected.

any ideas?

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I have the same issue, I cant access gpt 4 in playground.

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If you have not been approved for the “Limited” Open Beta of GPT4 you will not see it in the playground. Even if your a +plus user, you can then only access gpt4 from gptchat.

If thats what you were asking…

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Ok… why? I am a Plus subscriber, and don’t know why I can access it in Chat but not playground, I don’t understand this decision.

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ChatGPT and API/Playground are separate. Regardless of Plus membership, you need to apply for GPT4 API/playground access

When it comes to creating a new chatbot by using the API key, where can I find the GPT4’s API secret code??

Yes, I got an invitation and am able to use the playground but I would like to make my own so that I can teach GPT abt my personal company’s info to build a strategy or have a smoother conversation.

I pay $20 and also have an invitation, is it not enough?? :sob:

I’m a plus subscriber and I have playground but I don’t see it in chat mode. How do I get access?

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They’ve changed it since this question was initially answered. You now have to request access to the GPT4 Limited Open Beta and be approved for it to use GPT4 in Playground. You can still use GPT4 in ChatGPT if you’re a ChatGPT+ subscriber, you just won’t have all of the custom parameter options there that you would have in Playground.