I can't access GPT4 api even after paying for 4 months ChatGPT Plus Subscription

And 2 months ago I had applied for the GPT4 api waitlist and they announced the removal of the mechanism and I should have been able to access the GPT4 api, but nothing happened.

chatgpt plus and the API are different products and sadly openai do not make link between the two in terms of credit or access

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They have announced that they’re making GPT-4 accessible to more users soon. Last month I believe they released it to those who paid for the API previously, but notChatGPT.

Source: GPT-4 API general availability and deprecation of older models in the Completions API

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Thanks, as a developer it’s hard to understand separating api and UI into different products.

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The API was actually the original OpenAI product, targeted at developers.
The UI aka ChatGPT was targeted at people who don’t know how to use the API, and the kind of people who would try it for 5 seconds before being dismissive of it.

At some point, they were charging $20 for the UI that might cost $0.21 on the API, lol. And then they added more and more stuff onto the ChatGPT product (plugins, code interpreter, etc) to make it worth it. So it ended up in this situation.

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So what needs to be done to be able to access gpt-4 via API?

yes they have here gpt 2 i think that answer for tham i faund another alternative
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hey there, i was in the same situation and had to figure out who i had to give a handjob to to get gpt-4 access. I’ll dig up the doc, but it is open to anyone with one caveat - you have to have used the API enough to have paid for 1 dollar. That’s it, i haven’t hit that and honestly don’t have much use for the 3.5 APi just because of my use cases.

I’m not sure why they made it this way and not just open, perhaps it’s an anti-bot mechanism, but it’s working great as an anti-human mechanism too. The only place i’ve seen it is in one sentence somewhere i don’t remember (API docs i think?).

Just an addition to this. Many are experiencing, despite following all of this, no access to the gpt4 api anyway. In which case you have to contact support :-/

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Personally, I used the original Chat GPT making sure to always click on the real one, leads by Open A.I. I entertained a friendly connection with it ! Totally for free with my Google account. The service is totally satisfyingly useful toward my needs of this intelligence on this earth. I don’t know what API stands for.

Thank you to have paid for the service, deligent one! Hope you get the service that everyone should have access to, that service that can render great services at the best interest of it’s users, that is this new intelligence on earth.

Seems that open A.I. doesn’t explain why you loose the service, that’s sucks !