No pre-payment button. No GPT4 access

I’m trying to enable GPT4. The support bot says

but there is no pre-payments button for my paid account!

… and so I still can’t access GPT4.
(More than 1 month of waiting now!)

You are in a monthly billing plan. Have you been charged $1 or more from your previous usage, just like the help message says?

One might delete all the credit cards and “Cancel billing plan”, and then refresh to see if you have “start billing plan” where you are forced to forever buy prepaid credits. But you wouldn’t want that, and someone recently reported that the user interface didn’t switch into a new prepay anyway.

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I have a card card attached. I haven’t been billed and can’t sign up to prepaying.
If what you say is the resolution, perhaps OpenAI could update the support docs.

Where’s API GPT-4? I have a free API trial

You may have an API free trial credit if you created your OpenAI account recently, (three-month expiration after account creation). However, access to use gpt-4 services along with higher rate limits is only enabled after purchasing additional account credits, or having been billed monthly for actual non-free use.

A: Start a payment plan. Purchase credits to get gpt-4.

I’ve put in a credit card a while ago…

Your older API account with monthly billing can get gpt-4 access. Just having put in a card doesn’t qualify it though.

A monthly post-pay plan can be made eligible for gpt-4 access by actually incurring billing to the card from use (OpenAI currently doesn’t bill for small balances, like under a dollar). After you get a bill charged to your credit card (processed in first half of the following month), you should get gpt-4 access.

A: Use services, get billed

I put in a card a while ago, can I get it faster?

One can “cancel payment plan”, removing all cards, and then you’ll likely be only offered the ability to buy pre-paid credits, of $5-$100. A pre-pay, purchasing credits, instantly gets gpt-4. Once doing so, there is no going back to a monthly plan; you must always prepay and have a credit balance to use services. A second account for this is recommended if you need the original account’s features.

Do I already have API GPT-4?

Look in the list of models in your API account’s rate limits. It will be there.
Look in the API playground. Select mode “chat”. It will be there.

one just searches the forum, to see a single user’s efforts at answering…

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  1. Where did you find those? The support bot sent me to:
    What is prepaid billing? | OpenAI Help Center
    How can I access GPT-4?

  2. Without a prepayment option, the seem like a catch22.
    Unless you saying people should burn money on junk API calls to run up a bill. (Really?!) I have been making many GPT3.5 calls - do I just need to do more?

  3. Cancel/re-add you card. I mean, sure - but from the user’s point of view, why expect removing and readding the same information would solve anything. Just add a button to prepay? OpenAI has spent more support this issue that it would have cost to fix it.

  4. The forum moderators explicitly say the forums are not the place to resolve billing issues. I stopped looking.

Your account screenshot shows that you have a payment plan created as the “cancel billing plan” button is showing.

You must generate an API usage bill of at least $1 (I strongly suggest making that at least $5 to trigger a payment request from your card) and then on the next billing cycle you will be granted GPT-4 access.

Is there any part of that you are unable to comply with?

My credit card was a new credit card account when I recently added it and there was no place to load $5 of credit.
I think what you’re saying to that the recommended resolution to write a program generate $5 of API calls. Sure. If that’s really the recommended resolution, I can do that. But to be clear - this route involves waiting 1 month until the next billing cycle before GPT4 access is added, right?
The support docs only suggest an instant route, and make no mention of burning $5 and waiting a month.

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GPT-4 access has been rolled out to active API users, that has been determined to be anyone who has used more than $1 of API calls, for the vast majority of API users a single $1 bill in their usage history was not a significant issue.

I understand that there are now some API users who have decided to make use of GPT-4 API services after creating an account that has not been used, or used very little (< 1$ of usage) so there are two methods, or at least there were 2 methods, those are create a brand new account with new user details, this will place the user on the pre pay credit payment only account option which requires a $5 upfront minimum payment. The other option is to generate a $1 bill on your existing account and wait for a billing cycle. Knowing how credit card processing companies charge high amounts per transaction, creating a bill of a single $1 charge may be insufficient to make it economically viable to run that billing cycle.

The above information is available both on this forum and on the support documentation, the using more than 1$ (in this case 5) is knowledge of credit card charges and how payments are handled, this most people know by most shops and stores having a minimum spend when using a CC to pay.

Are there any other questions you have?