2 developers searching for freelance projects


we are two developers (from germany and spain) with experience in prompting, platform and data engineering and are open for freelancing.

We both have 30+ years experience (I’ve started programming with Basic on schneider CPC 464 when I was 14, went on with pascal, delphi, C, Perl, SQL, PHP, JavaScript, Bash, Python - now I am 46) in programming fullstack on multiple stacks (LAMP (zend, symfony, multiple other frameworks), golang, python, bash, SQL, DQL, terraform, ansible, gitlab CI, jquery, AngularJS, Angular, react, vue/vuetify, bootstrap, docker, docker compose, kubernetes, the whole thing).

We’ve built a data pseudonomizer so you don’t have to send personal informations to any apis, got a golang and some php implementations with gpt-3 and gpt3-turbo running (we have built them - and can show you) and also have at least basic know how on how to build small models with python (I’ve done some udemy courses on that topic and went through alot of youtube and research papers).

And we know how to scale both applications and databases (MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite).

OCR (tesseract, hocr), Video, ASR,…

Also have a base system (with oauth login, payment/product, user administration,…).

Just message me if you are interested.


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Hello, Jochen…I’m excited about your post. I am a subject matter expert, looking for partners to develop an application. You’ll have to let me know if I’m not in the right place. Based on both research and personal experience, I have developed rules-based model for human nature. We are all human, yet few of us understand human nature in a way that conforms to a rules based structure. We therefore perform at a fraction of our potential.

So, I ask: Are you prepared to take us back to our birthright to confidently be who we want, accomplish what we want, and feel how we want, all of the time?

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I like the idea of using rules based approaches especially in combination with knowledge graphs, deep learning, a database and a huge load of different models.

What exactly keeps you from being who you want, accomplish what you want and feel how you want? I don’t understand?

Thanks for your interest, I hope this helps…

Human nature programs us to connect with other people so that we all accomplish and contribute more. Trust / Fear: are the most primal of emotions that drive if and how we connect with others. We humans tend to be awash in damaged trust, and so you see people holding back—unwilling to share our best talents, efforts and ideas. I’m sure you’re familiar with this as the CYA approach to working with both individuals and teams. Because it’s so familiar, we often don’t even think about our damaged trust.

Trusting other people makes us vulnerable. Damaged trust keeps us from our birthright, which is to confidently be who we really want, to achieve our dreams, and at the end of the day…feel how we want, especially when we don’t.

Most of the challenges that keep us from being as successful as we want to be, are the product of our human nature protecting us. This means solutions become plain—almost palpable—when you understand the rules and states of human nature.

A couple more valuable insights: Coming from our subconscious, it’s our emotions, tempered by deeply held/ hidden beliefs,that continually shape our lives. *But

  1. At the speed that it runs, the subconscious isn’t capable of thought.
  2. Most people are fear painful outcomes when dealing with their emotions, and the result is…
  3. Most of us don’t understand the uncompromising role that emotions and feelings play in our lives.*

It’s like racing down a river in a canoe and trying not to watch because you have no paddles!

We have recently reimagined our business from learning and behavior design, to working as coaches with high-dollar products for small to medium business owners and their teams. Of course, for the clients—like all the rest of us—at the end of the day, it’s all about feeling how you want, and achieving what you want.

I’m always open for more discussion…if you think it’s appropriate, maybe we could set up a video chat.

Always my best…Jack!

Ok, I understand your point, but what’s the businessmodel?
And my understanding of feelings is much more on a completely different level.

Your body pumps you up with chemical reactions to attract the attention of as many neurons as possible to form a focus on a specifcally identified problem, identified by a subsystem. e.g. your stomach, which tells the brain that there might be need for food.

I don’t see any metaphysical layers. Humans are a very low lifeform with nothing really special and with not much difference to a potato, which also has feelings.

Hello - would love to have a conversation - i am interested in building a platform for skilling students / software engineers using openai

Oh, my…show me your sentient potatoes, please! To the point that matter isn’t just matter, everything is energy, and everything shares the same source energy.

Metaphysically, human nature connects us all, across continents, cultures…even across time. If you aren’t seeing anything metaphysical, perhaps you don’t know where to look.

Most people will tell you they’re often confused by other people’s feelings and behavior. And, it follows that they’re sometimes confused by their own feelings and behavior.

There’s a huge hunger for knowledge and products that take the mystery out of human nature. Putting aside the lucrative personal development marketplace, virtually all business owners and senior executives remain frustrated with their teams’ lack of productivity, creativity, and/or profitability.

For any cold lead, if I can show them how replace their frustration, anger, and fear with with positive feelings and a short cut to their goals…*I’ve locked in a personal sale and a number of team sales, too.

If this still doesn’t resonate with you, don’t worry…we simply aren’t a match. No harm. No foul.

See you, Jochen!

Hello, Akshat! I’m not a developer, but if you would reply to me with an outline of the skills you’re looking to develop, I can come back to you with a decent description of how my expert knowledge of human nature could be applied in an openAI product.

Always my best…Jack!

Hi Jack - thank you for your message - we are building out a skill matrix for software engineers to get up-skilled. these are all technical skills related to the projects they are doing

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Hello! i am fostering a community of developers, many of whom are interested in contributing to open source projects.

We have 8 a6000s and alot of python/backend tech built and a smart AI team with tons of cool projects in queue.

We need more help! would love to connect.

Plz DM me here or on ig/twitter if i dont see it fast enough @dvnschmchr


plants know when they are missing essential things like water or when they are eaten. And they scream.

I may be slow to respond the next two days.
I have to take care of a person with cancer in late stage in my house. And he just agreed to finaly get into hospital for some treatment.

Greetings. I’m working on Q-A bot to make Indian election related data interactive. Authentic data is available from the the Indian election commission (albeit with unfriendly formatting). There is lot of information, so, I’ve started with ‘rights of the voter’, optimised data ingress, chunking, models, prompts etc., and it gives reasonably good results. Now I need to move from prototype to production, and need support for the same.

Democracy stands on the shoulders of voters. Voter education and awareness (about their rights) is not trivial in a diverse country like India. An interactive AI agent should ideally empower voters with information.

Pretty sure creating a chat that involves elections is against openai’s policies.
“Informations” that change the outcome of elections. Yeah. Better hide yourself for even trying.

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With your most recent post here, Akshat, I see that I add no value to your efforts. I’m looking to deliver keen insights on human nature that will anchor any team to a foundation of shared trust. The upsides include things like: greater productivity, lower turnover, and a faster path to higher-quality solutions. My quest is finding an AI development partner. I wish you the greatest success!

I must say. At first I couldn’t see how human nature was going to anchor a team and build trust but then I found this: What does a Development partner do?
A development partner is responsible for maintaining long-term relationships with business clients by providing high-quality project management services to achieve their satisfaction and attract potential clients through their recommendations. So Jack. I have been using this platform and the models for a little over 6 months now. Im a military veteran, was raised in the family plastics business where my grandfather groomed me to do sales and understand business. I have a lot of experience talking to business owners and salesmen from companies like 3M, Bondo, New Pig, Macafee Tool, Bedford Plastics, Jenson and the list goes on. I have an E-Commerce store with 30 thousand products I’m trying to get off the ground but all it’s doing is sucking money from me, so I’m making a post seeking developers to develop tech in sales bots, marketing bots, scanners for price, remake all the wordpress/woocommerce plugins and anything else. It’s hosted on bluehost with an Api connect right in their front end dashboard. I got the skills to concentrate on our shared vision and develop an action step plan to be carried out with the most clarity. Looking forward to talking to you. I am seeking opportunity. There was a guy talking about how chatgpt could tear down the legal system. This was coming from an attorney. I’m curious about that. I know a little law. I have an idea to correlate all the laws in America and discard everything that correlates and contradicts each other. We can’t have a two sided system out in the open like that. It’s either one or the either. We either can or cant do something. There’s only a limited number of nuances. With a limited amount of nuances. Lastly I think everyone should be working on grid trading and high frequency trading bots on these exchanges like the one I use thats 500 to 1 leverage. I already seen chatgpt selling signals on MT4, Pionex and advertising somewhere else… So there are people coming to the watering hole prospering under the radar. I know alot about the blockchain, I have my own crypto currency on the binance blockchain. Ten million units. I’ve used SuperAlgos platform and they have tensorflow and high tech charting tools, but no chatgpt. They pay people to do coding and work. That’s my rant. I’m looking forward to hearing back from you.

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I firmly agree. Well said. I seen the post below. I’ve tried all kinds of things that chatgpt kept saying was against the guidelines and i’ve been doing it for 6 months. Everytime I use it I push the limits. I don’t have any bad intentions, it’s usually marketing bots that affiliate marketers use. OpenAI shouldn’t limit us on how we market products. Especially if every interaction is different due to using chatgpt. So it’s not spamming but they wont give me the code to scan the internet for businesses and interact with the website message us section or contact. I almost had a program made that did that but I ran into a policy issue so it wouldnt finish. Anyways, there’s guys here who are lawyers seeking use cases for their jobs. I did some legal research and was impressed. Lawyers will be out of jobs soon. My main issue with this platform is setting up the API. I don’t know how to code but I sort of know the basics now… It’s a steep learning curve to pick up coding and understanding how networks work. Good luck on your project… I’m not sure how I can help but i’d do a few hours work just to contribute and go from there… I am seeking opportunity on using this technology so youll see me posting all over. What your doing can be expanded on and used as a model for other projects. I hope the policies dont block you. Your doing it for a good reason that ethically aligns with their mission or charter. I think they dont want their tech to manipulate or influence polical elections. Seems like your just conserving their culture and rights which will make them stronger, smarter and better capable to make good decisions.

Hey, Edward…I’ve been away for awhile and just found your post. You certainly have a lot going on, but I’m not sure if there is any way for us to work together, since I think what I need is heavy coding. Am I missing something?

Hey Jochen! Would love to discuss an opportunity to work on something great together.
Just made a post here outlining the project. Let me know if it interests you.

Have a great day.

Hello, Edward! Thank you for your service and sharing your efforts and project. Let’s connect!