New to the developer world. Eager to help and learn!

Hello! I am new to the world of developing, but I have been obsessed over chatGPT for about the last six months. I have become quite good at prompting, and have a knack for outside-the-box thinking. This seems to be an extremely important trait in the brave new world of LLMs. I am looking first and foremost to network and meet like-minded enthusiasts. Secondly, I am looking to make working with and developing AI solutions/integrations my new career path. I would love to find a team to work with, to aid one another, to learn and grow together. Above all, I’m looking to find those interested in elevating one another to new heights! Contact me if this interests you!


Probably best to specialize in one specific field/vertical and learn how to apply it to that. Making all kinds of examples.

Then it would be easier to get hired in that area since you’ve established yourself as an authority figure.

For example, eCommerce or medical diagnosis. The more specific the better.


I’d say Justin’s advice is pretty sound. I don’t think you need to be an authority figure per se, but I think you do need to become rapidly proficient, and the quickest way to do that is specialize, like he has mentioned.

I’d also add though, pick something that will have a broad set of problems for you to tackle so you can develop lots of mental tricks and tools to help you later in life. For example, I started in games development and that has a whole host of different things that let me constantly press my skills to the edge. Animations, graphics, physics, state machines, AI, etc…

And lastly, make sure to join open source projects and use github regularly. You want to build a portfolio that people can reference easily. I made the mistake of not doing that, made my journey 10 times more miserable than it needed to be.


Thank you for the advice! I definitely have a seemingly endless supply of ideas. Unfortunately, I only have at this moment a rudimentary level of coding expertise. I have been working on increasing my python skills over the past month or so, but I still have a long way to go. I am however, very good at quickly learning how systems work and what they are capable of. In the past, this is afforded me the ability to see and think about things in ways that are very different from the point of view that your average developer or programmer would have. This this has proven in the past to be very valuable when I was working as a Blockchain technology & marketing consultant.
I am very much hoping that things continue to move in the direction the LLM’s emergent capabilities seem to be moving. Specifically, how quickly large language models and the like are becoming capable of not just completing or correcting code, but actually creating and deploying code. This is what I have been waiting for many years to happen. It’s all very exciting!

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Maybe a good place for you then would be more the MLOps route. Probably the fastest route to a career if you think the actual programming might be challenging (which I would still say stick with it, it’s tough if you are self teaching, like I did, but it’s worth it). If you go the MLOps route, I would basically just start doing every single “How to set stable diffusion up”, “How to set auto gpt up”, “how to set x up”. And if you haven’t already get into familiarizing yourself with Linux and things like Nvidias Triton Inference Server.

I could see solid MLOps guys possibly getting paid more than the actual programmers to be honest. Right now everyone is doing the “I’m making an app” thing, and that bubble will burst. But big companies are going to need ops guys familiar with the software and proper setups. The insight into how much a project will cost and how everything will work will be more valuable than some guy who can make random things for them. If you can, shoot for certifications in Azure, AWS, or some other cloud platform (pretty much any reputable certification will do). And any decent networking and server based Linux certifications. I think that will set you apart from the every day ops pretty well.

Depending on your level of competency in those, if you study regularly I think you can get those certs within 1-3 years. If you are a hardcore enthusiast like you say, probably definitely in a year. It may not sound like it, but those certs are super important if you take the hobbyist to career route. People just need to know that you know what you are talking about, and certs are a fast and cheap way of doing that.

Trust me it’s doable. I say this as a guy who barely passed highschool and ended up working all over the planet in multiple industries. Just gun for that first job, then keep the ball rolling.

Good luck man.


Great advice! I’ve been working in my aws certs for the last few weeks now, so I’m well on my way!n thank you for taking the time

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I am definitely interested in E-Commerce. But i had never coded! :frowning:

Hi I am interested. Please ping me back

Welcome! Good luck, and most importantly, have fun! I think it’s easy for people to get caught up trying to be competitive, but the best way I’ve seen to learn this kind of thing is just to be curious and keep playing with new stuff. Otherwise, many get burnt out with all the rapid changes.


I, too, am new to AI and I have been looking for true collaboration. I have been creating a play with both ChatGPT and Bard to create a play where I created to plot and Chat and Bard created the dialogue. The play is in progress and you can see a preview at the website which is centered in collaboration of AI and us.
Perhaps we can join together.

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Practice practice practice! So many of the coding skills that I use at work directly transferred from the dinky D&D scripts, the scrapping scripts to alert me when some of my magic cards surge in price, the Kaggle projects. Find something you enjoy in your free time and do it. Struggling is the best way to learn… and coding and frustration go hand in hand. Do projects and get them on github :slight_smile: Your project success isn’t going to be 100%, so you just have to dive in.

I also agree about getting certificates. Small improvement in your skills and the documentation to back it up is never a bad thing.

I think a great book to get a robust statistical foundation is Statistical Learning ( They just add a python version this summer. You’re not going to learn this stuff in one day. I’d start setting aside a few hours a couple days a week for learning and tinkering. You’ll look back years from now and thank yourself for the hard work. (I have a lot of ML experience so the inner workings of these things is where my interests lie… so maybe this isn’t relevant)

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Love this. I’m absolutely down. I’ve made some very specific prompts after working with ChatGPT for the same amount of time. HMU.

Hey! I’m doing the same thing. Learning, building, and networking. GPT has opened a huge door for self starters.

Check out my plugin Recombinant AI, or Ask Your Code on ChatGPT if you want to learn to code basics really fast. It was my first project and I’ve been using it to build all my others. People like you are a great new resource of ideas because of the experience OUTSIDE of the coding world. New perspectives and all that

Shoot me a DM, I would love to share what I’m working on and hear about your progress!


Hi, I’m working on a very exciting product and looking for a prompt engineer. Would you like to drop me a note at so we can chat?

I would like to start and develop my skills here and wherever it leads to where I can be excellent at, i will do my best so that it can propel to the betterment of everyone.


Sure, I am interested. Please let me know how we can link up! I have been using generative AI for education-related issues.

Hi, that’s really nice. I am interested and would like to connect. Have Azure OpenAI account and other Azure services to test solutions for free.


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Can we connect? I am a bit more domain specific in what I’m trying to build. Learning along the way of course but your Azure services may come in handy :slight_smile:

Im a marketing and implementation guy I am the same trying to get a handle on the landscape and would like to create a mastermind group if you interested

Count me in!
I’m more on the hobby side of things, as I am currently running a property maintenance services startup (a year in, currently), but I am passionate, dedicated to understanding how things work, and would love to join a community of those looking to learn and share their insights.
I already had an interest/some experience in programming, and in game dev. which has helped a lot, I think - wasn’t quite the leap others will have to make.
Currently, I’m working on a management app for my business using GPT-4, and maybe some other LLM’s, but my experience is primarily with GPT.

Bring on the AI revolution!

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