Looking for GPT-3 Developers for AI Chatbot Project

Hello, we are a California-based software firm looking for 1-2 developers interesting in a contract position for a AI Chatbot project.

Project Details:

Software application vendor is developing an GPT-3 fine-tuned model intended to add chatbot functionality to their software platform to assist users with “how-to” questions, formula and routine writing.

Additional phases for GPT-3 integration with the vendors knowledge base and marketing persona based models are in queue upon success of phase one.

This is NOT actually a CODEX project, but either a curie or divinci model use-case.

Protect start is TBD, but interviews and onboarding will begin shortly.


  • Prompt Engineering experience is a must

  • Fine-Tuning experience is a must

  • Fine-tuning dataset preparation experience is a must (CLI Data Preparation Tool)

  • Experience with Chatbots is desired

  • Experience with Weights and Balances is a plus

  • Experience integrating Moderation API is a plus

  • Experience creating semantic and search scores is a plus

  • Experience reporting elapsed tokens, elapsed examples, training loss, training sequence accuracy, training token accuracy is a plus.

Hi Cris - How can I reach out to you?

I made one and it’s sick,in shell agent
Most useful thing ever

How can I contact you please I have some issues to talk to you

If your company needs any community building let me know.