Looking for good developers

I’m constantly looking for good developers. We have a number of projects involving Openai’s API, if you know any reliable places to find more devs it would be greatly appreciated.

My name is Dalila and I’m interested.

I’m a Python, flask developer. During March 2023, I participate in a hackathon with my own project Simedai, using many Ai generative including OpenAI text completion and whisper for STT, Aws Polly for TTS, and I’m actually adding new features where I will use Langchain and other AI tech.

I’m a French and Arabic Native speaker too.

I’m not allowed to share links by here but my id for linkedin is : taleb-d-3265591b
My project Simedai is hosted on azure

Have a nice day.

Best regards,

hola soy ABA y me gustaria poder participar en algun de tu proyecto

no soy profesional dedicado a esto, pero mis conocimientos sobre lenguajes de programacion son amplios tales como java,c ,cobol …por nombrar algunos y si hace falta algo mas se aprende. creo en mis capacidades para poder realizar cualquier proyecto, me gustaria poder aydar,trabajar o como quieras proponer para poder demostrar mis capacidades. hay mucho talento por ahi desaprovechado. Si crees que puedo ofrecerte mi ayuda, estaria encantado de poder ayudarte.

Hi Samuel,
Hope you are doing well,

We have a team of highly skilled developers who are experts in various technologies including Python, OpenAI, Langchain, Flask, Django web framework, Django Rest Framework, and various databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Weaviate, and Picone. Additionally, our developers are proficient in frontend frameworks like React JS and Angular JS, as well as Docker, server-side tools, and AWS technologies.

Kindly DM me for further discussion.

Frank J

Should that be Pinecone?

Now for the extra characters to meet 25 char minimum.


I am interested!
I am a full stack developer and started learning GPT API Integeration.

Depending on the level of experience you want, I’ve had good luck reaching out to AI clubs at colleges. If you google [college name] + [AI or ML club], most of organizations are listed online with a contact. If you have a job offering, they’ll circulate it to their mailing list. I’ve found some talented developers through that.

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Great idea, thank you Mike.
All the best.

Hi Dalila,

tried to look for you on linkedin and can’t find a profile with taleb-d-3265591b

Gracias por tu interés. Sin embargo, necesitarías comunicarte en inglés.

Thank you Samuel for having dedicated 10 minutes of your precious time to give me an answer. According to my basic principles are honesty, loyalty and gratitude. Depending on the times we live in and you are very familiar, we are living in a new era of lies, I decided to be honest, it is easier to use a translator or an AI, to make believe what one is not, but values and trust are lost. Thanks to your answer, you have encouraged me to learn English more fluently and to be able to communicate with people like you, who deserve all my respect. Although the initial communication may not be as fluent as you would like, I will improve. I will be eternally grateful to you for the simple fact of receiving a response to a message that was expected without a reply. I know I can’t show you what one can learn or know. I only ask that if one day you need something, no matter how small or big, there are people like me who will be happy to help you. Do not hesitate to ask for my unconditional help, I will be happy to help you.
thank you.

Hello Samuel,

I sent you a reply with the link to my LinkedIn from Gmail, but in case you didn’t receive it
To find my profile you need to concatenate the id that I sent to you: taleb-d-3265591b/ with the LinkedIn URL as shown in the screenshot below

Thank you for your reply, and I wish you all the best.



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Hello there, I have rich experiences with OpenAI based on python, golang and nodejs.
Please let me know if you are interested.