Looking for a SwiftUI macOS developer to team up with on a project

Hey com,
Looking for a developer to team up with to help build a (paid) macOS app based off the project cheetah by leetcode-mafia on Github. It’s essentially an AI-powered macOS app designed to assist users during remote job interviews by providing real-time, discreet coaching through leveraging Whisper’s real-time audio transcription and GPT-4 for generating hints and answers.

My vision is to build a few essential features and improvements on top of this which I’m happy to go over and explain in more detail.

As my background is in marketing, I’m looking for someone able to lead the development side of things.

If you’re still reading, I’m assuming something about this interests you :crazy_face: Comment below or send me a message so we can dive in deeper. Here’s a quick draft that hopefully outlines the project.

How far back (to which versions) are you trying to support macOS? Are you trying to make a universal app (one that also ports to iOS and iPadOS)?