Looking for a chatbot developer

A new company looking for a developer to build a chatbot based application using GPT-3 conversional model
please let me know

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Is this part-time? What other requirements are there?


It is part-time and the requirements are the following

We can trying to develop an Application that uses a chat interface to interact with the clients for troubleshooting
By using GPT-3 model and additional IT frequently asked questions, we would like to use the bot as the first stage of troubleshooting by taking in the human’s question and giving steps to accomplish the task (small computer problems like free-up spaces on their hard-drive, etc) but also understanding when the problem is too big for it to instruct; it will collect all the questions the human asked in the session and summary it in a IT ticket, which the human will review for accuracy and if its good, the chatbot will submit it to us the IT support.

this will be an advance ticketing application to reduce the number of simple IT-related problems that companies bombard their IT department with.

We will link this application to the blockchain and make it a Dapp so the AI can use the records of historical issues to learn and adapt to each new chat.

Please lcall me for an in-depth discussion at (816) 459-0005


That’s a great use-case and I wish I could help

I don’t know if this is related or not, but I’m a creative being with an ability to converse well lol :smiley: glad to help if needed.

Are you good at prompts?

It depends on your definition of prompts

a collection of words that we can pass in the playground, and the desired output is a collection of the most frequently asked IT Helpdesk

Yeah I have no clue what’s going on here, I can only hold funny conversations with AI lol :smiley:

The biggest problem here is that your plan is just basically matching KB articles, which has already been done by platforms like Salesforce and SNOW. Those platforms will automatically recommend KB articles as users are filling out tickets. So while you mean well, I’m not sure that you’re caught up with the state of the industry.

Chat based support is nothing new and those chat logs are already being used to train bots. So the real question is how do you plan to move the needle or disrupt the industry? What is the unique business proposition you’re proposing?

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