'You've reached your usage limit' error occurs no matter what I change

Any requests through the API gives the same 429 error. Even sending a single request with the API playground gives the ‘You’ve reached your usage limit.’ error. I have a paid account, and am not even close to the usage limit. I tried creating a second account with a new email, credit card and phone number and got the same error.

Anyone else completely locked out of the API?

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I have a paid account and this is my notification: Too many requests in 1 hour. Try again later.

It is probably

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I have never been locked out of API access except on rare occasions when I am testing and make to many requests, exceeded my rate limit.



I also get this error, which has a link to usage which is none at all. What’s the deal? I have a paid account with https://chat.openai.com/, does that mean I cannot access OpenAI API or something?

This thread is unrelated to ChatGPT. I’ve made a thread specifically about hitting the limits early on ChatGPT here:

ChatGPT Plus and API are different products