I hit the usage cap for GPT-4 earlier than I should have

I was all ready for a fresh session of GPT-4 generations, but after just 13 outputs, I got the message saying that I’ve hit the usage cap, and, to make it worse, 2 of those were hit with network errors halfway through their generations, so I only got 11 out of it. I expect to occasionally get 1 or 2 network errors per session at this point, but I’ve never had a problem with the usage cap being hit prematurely before. Anyone have any idea what happened?

I realize that ChatGPT4 is considered to be more of a bonus with Plus, but it’s pretty much the only reason I’m paying.

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Same issue! This is really frustrating. I feel like I don’t get the worth of what I pay for.

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It’s happened to me two more times since my initial post. I’ve hit the cap at exactly 13 generations each time. I would be fine with it if that’s the new limit, but it still says it’s limited to 25, and the fact that these forums and Reddit aren’t full of people complaining means that it’s only a few of us that this is happening to.

If my account is being deliberately limited for some reason, I’d at least appreciate a notice.

I’ve tried clearing the cache, using a different device, switching the network, and logging out and back in again.

Edit: Fourth time in a row now. Stopping at exactly 13 outputs.

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Just happened to me… never happened before. What’s the actual cap? 25 every 3 hours?

Yeah, should still be according to the note at the bottom when you select GPT-4 - “GPT-4 currently has a cap of 25 messages every 3 hours.”

I joined Plus around 3 weeks ago and that’s how many I was able to get until the time of my post. It’s been exactly 13 ever since, as if each output I get counts as two.

The issue seems to be resolved for me. Managed to get past 13 this time. My thanks to whoever fixed it. Not sure if reporting it using the chat on the Help Centre page a couple of hours earlier is the reason, but either way I’m grateful. (Also, I have no idea how to cancel my report if it hasn’t been read yet, so if anyone who looks at those sees this message, know that it has seemingly been resolved.)

Thanks, once again.